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Men's Snowboard Boots

Choosing your snowboard boots

Hit the slopes with confidence and comfort with Snowleader's collection of men's snowboard boots. With great boots from great brands - BurtonDeeluxeFlowNitroNorthwave and DC Shoes to name just a few.


Whether you are still learning your turns or have been carving up the backcountry for years, we have something for you - in a large range of colours,...

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designs and styles. 


Snowboard boots tailored to your level

Beginners should look for a boot with flex between 0 and 4. Burton's Moto and are great examples of boots with which you can progress quickly. Boarders who prefer freestyle also may stick to softer boots for increased agility and comfort.


Intermediate boarders can step up the flex to around 4 to 6 once they're absolutely comfortable with their turns on more challenging terrain. Nitro’s Anthem and Burton's Ruler are two of many boots in our men’s collection which can give you the control and precision you want.


Advanced snowboarders might want a very stiff flex for maximum precision while riding aggressively. A flex of 7 to 10 will give you the control your expertise deserves. ?????????? and Nitro’s Team TLS are sure to guide you down the mountain as fast as you want!

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