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2 seasons: Spring/Summer. Suitable for bivouacking from late spring to early autumn in mild conditions.

3 seasons: Spring/Summer/Autumn. They are designed for travelling, bivouacking, and are capable of withstanding difficult conditions in the mountains: heavy rain, storms, wind. They find their limits in harsh winter conditions.

4 seasons: All year round, at all altitudes and latitudes, everywhere in the world. They are resistant to strong winds and snow storms. These are the shelters used in base camps, on expeditions and in high mountains.
1 season: Very light and mainly synthetic, limited use.

2 seasons: Lightweight, usable from mid-spring to mid-autumn in mild weather.

3 seasons: Wide range of use, comfort temperature around 0°C. Discover its limits in the heart of winter.

4 seasons: Designed for the harshest conditions, some will offer you total comfort at -30°C.

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Little extras which make all the difference

Trail runners are a fairly independent breed and every little accessory can make a difference during a race. Snowleader has selected a range of essential accessories that will help improve your performance and comfort. Discover products from specialists including Millet, Buff, Salomon, Gore Running Wear and Raidlight.


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For all runners who want to stay connected or listen to their favourite music during their run, a smartphone running armband will be perfect! These ultra-lightweight running armbands are adjustable and offer a secure fit.

Also consider a headband or bandana to absorb sweat from your forehead. They are highly breathable and wick away sweat.

Finally, a hydration system is essential for your physical activities. A water bottle or water bladder is therefore a must-have to add to your backpack.

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