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Nordic Walking Poles

Choosing the right Nordic walking poles is essential, as walking with poorly adapted poles can be painful. Here are a few tips from Snowleader to help you choose the right Nordic walking poles for you.

Choosing the right Nordic walking poles

Fiberglass and carbon fiber poles absorb shocks and help protect the joints. This technology protects the wrists, elbows, shoulders and neck.
Both cork...


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and plastic grips will provide the same benefits.

As for the strap, a wrap-around strap will allow greater freedom of movement.
Finally, a straight tip is better suited to soft ground and an inclined tip to medium soft ground. 
Snowleader has a wide choice of Nordic walking poles from the brands including Leki, Black Diamond and TSL Outdoor

The right size Nordic walking poles  

Choosing the right size walking poles is one of the most important factors. Using hiking poles which are too big or too small leads to poor walking posture, which can quickly lead to back pain.
When holding the walking pole upright, your arm should be at a right angle.
A useful calculation to find out if the walking pole is the right size is: your height x 0.7.
Finally, we recommend choosing adjustable, telescopic walking poles for children who grow quickly, if the poles are going to be used by or lent to several people, or for people who travel a lot and want poles that take up a minimum amount of space.

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