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Men's Down Jackets

At Snowleader, we have the best selection of down jackets, including jackets from The North Face, Patagonia, Millet, Norrona, Picture Organic Clothing to name a few. A down jacket is the perfect mid layer that fits perfectly under an outer shell, or can be worn as an outer layer on dry, cold days. Honestly, if you have never tried one you do not know what you are missing...

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Down jackets : warm and lightweight

Down jackets are the best choice for maximum warmth and portability.

Consider whether you would prefer a goose down jacket or a synthetic down jacket.

- Goose down is the luxurious option - it's incredibly warm and extra lightweight, but hard to dry if it gets wet, and even harder to restore to its previous state.

- Synthetic jackets are less risky - they are still warm and lightweight, but the man-made fibres mean they dry faster. For this reason synthetic down jackets are better suited to expeditions or other occasions when it is difficult to effectively dry gear.

Also check out features such as stuff sacks, hoods and weights of the jackets.