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Climbing Skins

Buying climbing skins requires a degree of knowledge in order make the right choice. Snowleader is happy to advise you on the different types, their use and maintenance.

Choosing your climbing skins

Climbing skins are an integral part of a ski tourer's kit and there are many different types to choose from. You can choose from pre-cut climbing skins to ones which need to be trimmed to fit the...

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shape of your skis. When choosing climbing skins, it is not only important to consider the climbing skin's material, but also the type of adhesive (i.e. with or without glue) and the type of tip and tail attachments.

Climbing skins and accessories

Skins made from mohair and nylon are supplied with various useful accessories: cutter, protective net, storage bag, etc. The climbing skins are attached using a tip loop and a tail strap. Climbing skins are easy to use and very colourful. On the Snowleader website you will find the perfect climbing skins for you in just one click.

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