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Snowleader offers you a wide range of snowboards from amongst the leading brands: BurtonNitroJones Snowboards and many more. As well as bindings and snowboard boots if you are on the hunt for them too. With equipment to suit all levels and snow we are sure you will find the perfect for for yourself.

Women’s, men’s and children’s snowboards: gear for each snowboarder

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thing is for your snowboard to be suited to your body type. This can be determined by the three criteria of sex, height and weight. Body type is a key factor if you want to enjoy stability on your board and experience some real thrills! That’s why, before choosing, it’s essential for you to refer to a correlation table of heights and weights, set out according to sex. For example, women’s snowboards, like kids’ snowboards, will be shorter than men's snowboards of an equivalent height. However, you’ll also need to specify what your snowboarding style is to find the appropriate gear. If you’re looking at a freerider’s snowboard, it should come up to between the chin and nose when it’s standing vertically on the ground. But a freestyler will choose a board which comes to between his or her shoulder and chin. For more information make sure you check out our Snowboard Size Guide.

Snowboard gear: other criteria to take into consideration

Once these two previous parameters have been specified, you can decide on your snowboard gear according to rather more technical criteria. You can also start thinking about the board’s shape and camber. Another thing to pay attention to is your choice of bindings, because they ensure proper control of your snowboard. With Snowleader, your online snowboard shop, you can take advantage of a huge range of models and brands, such as BurtonNitroJones Snowboards.

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