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Essential cross-country skiing accessories

For a comfortable and enjoyable cross-country skiing experience, there are accessories that you can't do without, for examples ski poles. Find all the cross-country skiing equipment you need on the Snowleader website.

Choosing the right cross-country ski poles

Poles are very important for propulsion during cross-country skiing and the length of the...

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poles must be adapted to the size of the skier and the style of cross-country skiing practised. A mathematical formula is used to calculate the correct length: the skier's height is multiplied by 0.84 for classic, and by 0.89 for skating. You can add or subtract 5cm to or from the result, depending on the terrain and the skier's level and fitness.

Cross-country skiing equipment

When you go cross-country skiing, the tour can be long and you will need to take a drink, snack, map, camera, etc. You will therefore need a lightweight and comfortable backpack. Cross-country skiing equipment specialist Snowleader offers all the most useful accessories for cross-country skiing on their website. You will also find ski touring backpacks for your day and multi-day trips, as well as a wide range of bags for protecting and transporting your cross-country skis.

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