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Women's Ski Boots

How do you choose women’s ski boots? This is a question a good many women skiers ask themselves as winter approaches. To help you choose, Snowleader UK has plenty of tips and advice to help you, as well as a spechalists just one phonecall away. With ski boots from the best brands in the industy - AtomicFull TiltHeadRossignolSalomon we are sure you will find the right ski boot.


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ski boots in your size How do you get your bearings with the wide range of women’s ski boots on offer from Snowleader? First of all, it’s important to measure not only the length of your foot but its width too. Then, refer to the size conversion chart to find out which boot is most appropriate. However, don’t forget that you’re strongly recommended trying the ski boots on to make sure they’re not uncomfortable. Also, under no circumstances should you buy a boot which is slightly too big, otherwise you risk having less stability. Bear in mind too that it’s best to opt for ski boots which are specially designed for women. These, as it happens, generally fit the female foot shape better (lower calf, narrow heel, etc.).

Find ski boots with a flex rating suitable for your ability level

Another factor to take into consideration in finding the most suitable pair of boots is your skiing ability level. You’ll be able to choose boots with adequate flex (stiffness) accordingly. If you’re a beginner, go for ski boots with a flex under 60. This will provide you with more suppleness. Experienced skiers tend to go for a flex of between 70 and 90 and ski pros choose a flex rating of over 100. Remember that you should also take your weight into account and if you are skiing stiff skis. Heavy skiers should opt for a flex slightly above their true ability level.

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