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For over 100 years Rossignol has continued to surprise us with ever more technical products, in search of the highest quality and performance. Rossignol offers a wide range of skis, boots and technical equipment with flagship models such as the Experience ski range, Rossignol Hero competition skis, Blackops freeride skis and the versatile Alltrack ski boots range! Discover the superb 2021/2022...

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collection of Rossignol ski equipment and winter clothing available at Snowleader today. Choose high-quality products at the best price with Rossignol!

Rossignol, the French ski and snowboard expert

One thing is for sure: Rossignol is THE French ski and snowboard specialist.
Rossignol is still a legendary name in the history and world of alpine skiing and snowboarding. The French brand is the world's leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of winter sports equipment. Discover the brand's flagship models such as the Rossignol Blackops skis, the Experience range, or the Rossignol Hero competition ski range. Snowleader honours this great brand by offering you the widest possible range of women's Rossignol skis and men's Rossignol skis.

Rossignol skis for the ideal gliding experience

Whatever your level, if you are looking for enjoyment on the snow that never gets old, you need a ski from Rossignol! Both intuitive and suited to all conditions, Rossignol skis offer unequalled performance on the snow. Versatility, manoeuvrability, speed, power, precision, stability: each model has its own characteristics to satisfy every type of skier, from beginner to professional. The French brand boasts a collection of skis of all sizes, and for all disciplines: downhill skis, racing and competition skis, freeride skis, or all-mountain skis, the list goes on! Discover the full Rossignol range now!

An extensive collection of downhill and alpine skis

Rossignol offers a wide range of downhill skis to meet the needs of thrill seekers who love to go fast, as well as those looking for an alpine ski that can help them progress on the slopes. Equipped with the latest technologies and technical innovations, nothing will hold you back in your search for high-performance! Easy to handle, Rossignol alpine skis let your imagination run wild on the ski slopes. If you don't know where to start, the React ski range offers skis with Xpress and Konnect bindings for all levels of skiers. You can even buy Ski Packages that come with skis + binding to make things easier.

Rossignol All-Mountain and freeride skis for mountain lovers

For skiers whose playground is the whole mountain, Rossignol has designed All-Mountain and freeride skis that adapt to all terrains and all types of snow you come across. Equipped with Experience skis and the accompanying Konnect bindings, you can push your limits with ease. Rossignol offers you an ever more versatile, high-performance and lightweight range. The All-Mountain or freeride ski packages from our favourite brand are definitely a must-have in your ski collection!

Rossignol freeride skis, for your intense off-piste sessions

Rossignol freeride skis are designed to allow off-piste and fresh slope lovers to be able to carve the first lines in untouched snow smoothly and in complete safety! The key words for Rossignol freeride skis? Intuitive, innovative, playful, manoeuvrable and efficient, all to allow you to ski in complete freedom. This year, the Blackops collection replaces the famous Soul 7 and Sin 7, and invites you to explore the mountains without limits! The Blackops Alpineer touring ski also replaces the Seek 7 Tour touring ski, with an ultra-light core, excellent grip on all types of snow and an excellent weight/performance ratio: for your best ski touring sessions.

Rossignol Hero, the racing skis of champions

These Rossignol skis are the direct result of more than a century of experience in the world of competition. Rossignol has used its extensive experience to offer you the best racing skis, allowing you to reach impressive speeds without losing stability. Jean Baptiste Grange, Tessa Worley, Henrik Kristoffersen and Sam Favret: all these renowned athletes contribute to the reputation of Rossignol Hero skis. Budding champion (with the Junior collection) or speed enthusiast, Rossignol's racing skis are for you!

Rossignol cross-country skiing and ski touring

Rossignol covers all skiing disciplines. There are also products specially designed for cross-country skiing and ski touring. Rossignol Nordic skis, whether for classic or skating, aim to meet all the expectations of skiers with state-of-the-art design for a unique skiing experience.
Discover Rossignol cross-country skis at the best price at Snowleader.

Rossignol's expertise, from skis to ski boots

A ski specialist for many years, Rossignol's know-how in fact transcends the skis themselves, also including the medium between the skier and their skis: the ski boots. It was in 1989 that the first Rossignol ski boot was born, giving rise to many models that would soon become the emblem of the 1990s. Rossignol now offers quality ski boots to satisfy all winter sports enthusiasts, whatever your level, your favourite discipline, your age or your gender. If you're looking for extremely versatile ski boots, then you've come to the right place: the Rossignol Alltrack range is intended for skiers in search of boots that can handle all the challenges the mountain has to offer.

Rossignol ski poles, the natural complement to your skis

Sold alone or in a package with bindings, Rossignol skis of course come with a complementary accessory, a pair of Rossignol ski poles. Ultra resistant, made of aluminium, carbon or fibreglass, they have an excellent grip for a comfortable glide. Slalom or freeride, Nordic skiing or black runs: each Rossignol pole model is designed to match all ski disciplines.

The best Rossignol snowboard products

Rossignol also promises to offer some of the best snowboards on the market, and has done so since 1987. Since then, the Voiron-based brand has continued to refine its boards to produce robust and highly technical models. There is a wide selection of Rossignol snowboards adapted to all disciplines and all frequencies of use. All-mountain, freestyle, freeride or splitboard: Rossignol's got it all. All models are designed to suit a specific type of use but also a specific rider. Want to know the best part? Snowleader offers Rossignol snowboard packages with pre-mounted bindings. Offering you the best services is priceless to us!

Technical clothing

Rossignol also offers a collection of streetwear and technical clothing. The famous rooster is almost always featured as a coat of arms, especially on the latest 2021/2022 collection. In terms of technical pieces, Rossignol ski jackets, ski trousers and thermal clothing steal the spotlight. In addition to clothing, many accessories such as gloves, hats, scarves and even socks are available at Snowleader.

Choose your size with Rossignol

Whether it's your ski boots, Rossignol snowboard boots, skis, snowboard or even your poles, the best thing to do is to take a tape measure and start taking your measurements! And yes, we know, laziness can easily creep in when it comes to measuring, but it is the best way to know the ideal size for all your Rossignol products. Once you have done this, check out our Rossignol size guide to see exactly which size you should choose before completing your purchase.

Rossignol: the origins of the brand

Rossignol's roots lie in Isère, more specifically in Voiron, where Abel Rossignol began refining his first alpine ski prototypes in 1907. He probably had no idea that he was creating what would become one of the most famous ski equipment brands in the world. It was not until 1936 that the Rossignol brand sponsored the world champion Emile Allais and became the symbol of alpine skiing champions. In the 1970 it was official, Rossignol was the number 1 ski manufacturer in the world. A few years later, the brand began creating its very high-quality snowboards, then Rossignol ski boots and finally, to complete the collection, ski clothing.

An iconic logo

The Rossignol logo is probably one of the most recognisable among French ski equipment brands. Deeply rooted in its origins and its heritage, Rossignol is easily recognisable thanks to the symbols in its logo:

  • The rooster and the colours of the French flag (blue, white and red):

These are symbols of the brand's French origins and its place in the French sporting world. These two elements can be found everywhere on the brand's products, especially the Rossignol clothing line.

  • The Strato blue colour:

This is a bright, intense blue from the famous Strato ski. More than a million of these skis have been sold, making the ski brand the number one in the world.

  • The bands:

A reminder of ski tracks in the snow that brings the brand into the present.
Attributes that are very easily noticeable, which Rossignol explains:
"The iconic rooster and the famous blue, white and red signature have been part of our history for decades and celebrate our French roots and ski culture."

Rossignol at Snowleader

Rossignol has very strong values rooted in the Alps: like Snowleader! For more than a century, the brand has remained committed to the production of high-quality skis. Rossignol's know-how and high standards have made it the go-to brand for athletes. This is why we at Snowleader are proud to have the famous alpine rooster as a brand partner. Find our great selection of Rossignol products available at the best prices. The icing on the cake: Receive a little gift with your order!

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