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Have you ever heard of bootfitting?

Have you ever heard of bootfitting?

No need for several descents before you start to feel good in your new ski boots, they are the ones that adjust to you now! Each foot being unique, bootfitting allows you to adjust your boot to your foot (and not the other way around!), to optimize comfort, performance and eliminate pain. No more blisters, injuries, sores and other frustrations to overcome to enjoy your favorite sport!

What is Bootfitting?What is Bootfitting?

Why you should do a bootfitting ?


A mass-produced ski shoe cannot possibly be suitable for everybody, because each foot is unique and most of all complex: 28 bones, 16 joints, 107 ligaments and 27 muscles, a true masterpiece of the human body. When your foot gets tired, it tends to sag inward, and with a rigid shoe that does not support your foot, discomfort, instability and pain arise.


Bootfitting allows you to customise the ski boot to your feet using a variety of methods.


For example, a custom-made sole placed inside your ski boot provides the necessary stability, precision and most importantly comfort. At the end of the day, you'll be able to ski for longer and with greater pleasure.


Bootfitting is recommended for these simple reasons: better performance with greater comfort thanks to ski boots that are customised to the image of your feet!

The process, step by step

Bootfitting step 1Bootfitting step 1

Step 1

Bootfitting step 2Bootfitting step 2

Step 2

Bootfitting step 3Bootfitting step 3

Step 3

What happens in the bootfitter's workshop?


Depending on your morphology and needs, several tasks can be performed by the bootfitting specialist:


  • Properly stabilise the foot in the shoe by designing a molded sole, 100% tailored to your feet
  • Offer technical socks, suited to your needs - degree of thickness, protection and compression
  • Provide a thermoformed boot (heated to be moulded to the foot in the boot) or an injected boot (foam injected inside the boot to fill the gaps between the boot and the foot)
  • Deform the shell of the boot, as a last resort, in case of pain or specific needs.

Find your ideal ski boots with a precision scanner


Snowleader has equipped its stores with the Feetbox 3D Sidas analysis scanner, which determines the ski boot best suited to your feet. Equipped with a unique software that scans feet in three dimensions, the scanner also features a database of all the ski boots on the market.
After a 360° digital modelling of your feet, the scanner provides accurate analysis and measurements of your foot, ankle and calf. The scanner then suggests ski shoes most suited to your morphology.

The software is also capable of simulating the insertion of a customised insole, taking into account the thickness of the sock, shoe, and any potential deformities to be considered.

Bootfitting workshops available in Snowleader shops


A bootfitting workshop is available in all our Snowleader shops to allow our customers to thermoform soles and boots. In partnership with Sidas, we have all the tools and equipment to offer you a complete expertise of your foot: thermoforming of soles, boot injections, deformation of shells, etc.

You are welcome to contact us for all your requests at [email protected] or by phone at 0872 442 9028 (£0.09/min) in UK — and 0820 420 374 for the rest of the world (local rate).

Bootfitting step 1Bootfitting step 1

Bootfitting Annecy

Bootfitting step 2Bootfitting step 2

Bootfitting Lyon

Bootfitting step 3Bootfitting step 3

Bootfitting Chamonix

How much does bootfitting cost?


Below are the prices for bootfitting in the Snowleader shops.

Customised ski soles Rates SMC customers rates
Winter Custom Ski €74,90 €74,90
Winter Custom Pro €89,90 €89,90
Winter Custom Confort €109,90 €109,90
Winter Custom Confort Merinos €109,90 €109,90
Winter Custom Pro Heat Ready (on request) €99,90 €99,90
Customised outdoor soles Rates SMC customers rates
Custom Run €64,90 €64,90
Custom Outdoor €64,90 €64,90
Injected booties Rates SMC customers rates
Classique Confort (on request) €290,90 €290,90
Thermoformable slippers Rates SMC customers rates
Central High Slim (on request) €164,90 €164,90
Central High (on request) €199,90 €199,90
Thermo CRT (on request) €199,90 €199,90
Thermo CRT Slim (on request) €199,90 €199,90
Shell work Rates SMC customers rates
Classic hull deformation On request (between €10 and €30) Offered
Customisation all over the shell On request Offered
Other services Rates SMC customers rates
Thermoforming inner-boot €15 Offered
Inner-boot cushioning On request Offered