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For your expeditions in the heart of the countryside, it is very important to take with you reliable and effective means of hydration, especially if you are unlikely to have access to fresh water for several hours. Snowleader, the specialist in mountain equipment, is pleased to offer a selection of hydration packs, water bottles and other accessories, from many of the major makes in the...

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sector. Camelbak, Hydrapak, Katadyn, Nalgene and Salomon... these are just some of the brands we stock in our online store.

Hydration packs and pouches: quench your thirst without losing even a second

As all athletes know, correct hydration is extremely important before, during and after physical effort, as it allows you to make the most of your energy and improve your overall performance. Drinking suitable quantities of water afterwards also helps you to recover and can reduce the chance of sore muscles. Runners and climbers typically prefer using water pouches stored in special hydration packs, a very practical solution, thanks to a tube which makes it possible to drink while continuing your activity, so you don’t waste a second. Ideally, water pouches should be kept in an insulated bag during cold weather, to keep them from freezing.

Gourds, bottles and water treatment equipment

Depending on your choice of sport, you may also find it useful to take equipment such as insulated bottles which can maintain the temperature of a liquid for a whole day, no matter what the temperature may be outside. Or standard water gourds, some of which can be folded up to take up less space when they are empty. And for particularly difficult conditions and activities where you anticipate using water from streams or rivers, a water filtration device and/or water purification tablets will prove indispensable.

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