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Comfort temperature: up to this temperature, the subject, in a relaxed position on his back, is generally "comfortable", i. e. he is in thermal balance and feels no cold.

Lower limit temperature: the temperature at which the subject, curled up on himself in the sleeping bag, is at the edge of feeling cold. 

Extreme temperature: temperature where the risk of hypothermia occurs
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Sleeping Bags

Whether you’re sleeping outdoors under the stars, in a tent halfway up a mountain, or in a range of locations during a backpacking trip, it’s essential to have a cosy and comfortable sleeping bag that will contribute to your getting a good night’s sleep.  That is why here at Snowleader, we have seleceted the best sleeping bags, sleeping bag liners and compression sacks from the leacing brands...


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- Deuter, Sea To Summit, Mammut, Ferrino and Valandre to name a few.  

Choosing sleeping bags

Sleeping bags have different temperature ratings, so you can choose equipment that’s suitable for the conditions.  But don’t forget – temperatures in the high mountains can fluctuate considerably between day and night, turning a mild afternoon into a freezing evening in the space of just a few hours. So you should select your sleeping bag not only according to the season, but also the circumstances in which you’ll be using it.  Weight, composition and packability are also important factors to consider.

Understanding our temperature ratings on sleeping bags

Snowleader sleeping bags carry “comfort”, ‘limit” and “extreme” temperature ratings. The comfort temperature indicates the temperature at which an average woman can sleep comfortably; the limit temperature is the lower limit at which the average man can sleep comfortably; and the extreme temperature is the limit at which an average woman can survive for six hours. Some models are known as “multi-season” and contain various layers of insulation which can be added or removed to adjust to the weather or time of year.

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