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Ski Helmets & Protection

Ski and Snowboard Helmets

Ski helmets are becoming more and more popular with recreational skiers and snowboarders – and for good reason! Even if you plan to ride at slow speeds, this does not mean other do. Icy patches or unseen bumps cause even the best skiers lose control sometimes. A collision can happen at any time, so it’s best to be prepared.

There have been movements to make wearing...

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a ski helmet compulsory due to the high number of head injuries caused by snowsports every year. They remain optional, but with helmets starting at only 35€ on Snowleader, it’s a small price to pay to significantly decrease your chances of a head injury. But we understand that everyone has a diffrent tast in ski helmets and that is why we have brought together all the best brandsm such as - AtomicK2Picture Organic ClothingPocRossignolSalomonSmith to name a few.


Fitting your helmet

Measure your head (just above your eyebrows and ears) then choose your favourite helmet in your size.

When trying the helmet on, it should fit snugly and not move at all if you shake your head. Conversely it should not be so tight that it’s uncomfortable. A badly fitting helmet is bearable for an hour or so but minor niggles can leave you in agony if they persist all day.

Many helmets have BOA systems in place to adjust the helmet for a snug, comfortable, safe fit.

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