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Men's Ski Boots

Size, volume, flex, skiing style… all these factors must be taken into consideration when choosing your men’s ski boots. To make things easier for you, Snowleader UK your No1 online ski shop, explains everything you need to know. With boots from the biggest brands - Atomic, Full Tilt, Head, Rossignol, Salomon we are sure you will find something suit you.

Size and volume: the main criteria for...

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choosing your men’s ski boots It seems so obvious, but your ski boot must perfectly fit your foot in order to prevent any injuries or discomfort. Needless to say, length has to be taken into account (in Mondo points) — but width does too (in millimetres). Take your measurements and refer to the brand’s sizing chart. Remember that under no circumstances should you take one size larger because this will stop you having good stability. The best thing to do is try on your ski boots for ten minutes to make sure they are not uncomfortable.

Ski boots suited to your ability level

Your ski boots must also match your skiing ability level. Depending on your level, you’ll need to choose the corresponding stiffness (flex). Beginners will prefer men’s ski boots with a low flex rating (under 60) which provides more suppleness. Experienced skiers will opt for boots with an intermediate flex rating while experts will choose a high flex (above 100) which allows for more accuracy, especially if their skis are stiff. Be careful though, because a heavy skier should go for a flex rating higher than his ability level for him to retain feel and have a pair of boots which is suitable.

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