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For more than 20 years, Icebreaker has been manufacturing base layers, thermal underwear and socks of unbeatable quality. This New Zealand company’s secret lies in its choice of fabric: merino wool. The fleece of the Merino breed of sheep is perfectly engineered to cope with extremes of temperature, being insulating in winter and breathable in summer. It is used to create an entirely natural,...

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ecological and sustainable fabric that is exceptionally lightweight and soft.

Merino wool, the natural alternative to synthetic fibre thermal underwear and socks

Back in 1994, thermal underwear and socks made from synthetic fibres were all the rage.  However, Icebreaker’s founder took a different path, pioneering the use of merino wool to create top of the range thermal clothing and underwear that feels good, looks great and delivers excellent results. Icebreaker use and unrivalled fusion of nature and technology to create merino layers that are equally suitable for wearing outdoors, participating in performance sports, and everyday life in the city.

Icebreaker base layers [à mettre entre balises

The unique properties of merino, combined with ergonomic, attractive design, make Icebreaker base layers comfortable and robust, ideal for confronting bad weather, extreme cold and all kinds of difficult conditions.  Manufactured according to traditional New Zealand know-how, the Icebreaker merino collection is perfect for skiers, snowboarders, mountaineers and other adventurers, and includes long and short-sleeved T-shirts, vests and leggings.

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