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Would you like to join a team of sports enthusiasts in a growing company? Snowleader is perfect for you!
Based in the Alps, we specialise in the sale of sports equipment in 3 areas (snow, outdoor, street). With a catalogue of over 20,000 items and more than 400 brands, Snowleader has been the reference for sports purchases on the internet since its creation in 2008.

Snowleader’s story began in 2008, in the Alps, when two outdoor enthusiasts met and decided to launch an e-commerce site specialising in this field. From their 12m2 garage in Grand-Bornand, the company nicknamed ""The Reblochon Company » (a local cheese from the French Alps) made a name for itself and gradually received more and more orders. The company continued to grow over the years, and, several moves later, we now have 2 logistics centres, one of which is our 25,000m2 head office in Annecy, 3 shops and a website translated into 8 languages. The risks certainly paid off! We have become a specialist in online sales of outdoor products, in France and internationally, while preserving our Savoyard identity ⛰️ With a catalogue of more than 25,000 products and 450 referenced brands, Snowleader's ambition is to reach a turnover of 100 million euros by 2025.

Our Teams
Logistics - Snowleader

The logistics service consists of about ten people divided into two teams (one morning and one afternoon), each consisting of an assistant to the logistics manager, a skiman and packers. Their main mission is to provide the best possible service to the customer, by dispatching orders on time in appropriate packaging.

The logistics manager and their team aim to manage the stock and information flows in the warehouse and in the Snowleader shops. They also adapt to the different seasons and the ever-increasing volume of activity. The logistics department operates transversally across all departments in the company in order to improve processes but also by implementing new projects to better meet the needs of the final customer.

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International Team - Snowleader

The International team was recently set up in the company (2016). The role of the market coordinators is to develop turnover and profit in each of the countries they manage.

To do this, they are in charge of adapting the website to the language and other specific demands of their country: they adapt the pricing & merchandising and are the driving force behind ensuring offers are as relevent as possile to their target constomers. This is important as some brands that we don't have in France, for example, are in high demand in other countries. 

Today, the development of our international sales is one of the two main factors ensuring Snowleader's growth.

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Administration Accounting HR - Snowleader
Administration / Accounting / HR

The administration and human resources department deals with general administration, legal matters and human resources.

Versatility is essential when it comes to ensuring the day-to-day administrative management of the company. The accounting/HR department not only manages a dispute referred by a consumer association for example, but they also draft letters and negotiate transport or insurance contracts.

The objective is to provide management tools such as forecasts to ensure the financial monitoring of the company and to assist strategic decision-making.

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Retail - Snowleader

Our website and shops work together to give our customers access to high-quality guidance, and a vast array of products to choose from. Our customers can choose between going to a shop or going onto our website. Our salespeople can then advise customers on products in our shops or on the Snowleader website.

Our shop also acts as a channel of communication for our various campaigns and events. It is a commercial success, and we aim to expand our network of shops across France and Europe.

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Marketing - Snowleader

In marketing, we have three main focuses:
- Acquisition of new clients
- Customer loyalty
- Social media

With this goal in mind, we collaborate with brands to create opportunites that help us to improve our sales and promote our brand.

Our aim is to make the way in which we communicate as original as possible!

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Customer Service - Snowleader
Customer Service

The customer service is the link between the client and Snowleader. They respond to our customers’ questions and address any issues they have, whether it be before the purchase has been placed, during or after.

Their priority is to offer a high-quality service that is tailored to our customers’ needs. It is also essential to offer a multi-lingual customer service to ensure that every exchange with the customers is as seamless and easy as possible, and that each customer has access to the same level of service. This is all done with the aim to continue to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

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Web - Snowleader

The web team primarily focuses on the continuous development of our website and IT systems. Their objectives and projects concern every team within Snowleader, making them an integral part of the company.

Projects are based across 2 main areas:
- Management of digital/web projects: these are graphic, technical or functional developments mainly related to the website and therefore customers.
- Management of the internal information system: this mainly involves technical developments and the implementation of procedures to ensure data integrity and optimise intra-company information flows.

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Purchasing - Snowleader

Purchasing is divided into two teams:
- Softgoods: manages all technical and lifestyle clothing
- Hardgoods: manages ski, snowboard, trail and hiking equipment

This team is responsible for selecting the products offered by Snowleader, which boasts a wide, high-end and technical range. As one of the leaders in the outdoor market in France, Snowleader strives to offer its customers the most innovative and technical products possible, and products that they will not necessarily find elsewhere.

Other product management projects are also an integral part of these services:
- Turnover/Margin/Stock management
- Procurement
- Supplier management
- Monitoring of competitors (price benchmark)
- Drafting of product sheets visible on the site
- Analysis of the performance of the products offered

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Internships - Snowleader

Looking for experience in sports and e-commerce?

As a part of the Snowleader team, you will be surrounded by a passionate and motivated team. You will discover the values and principles of our company, and above all our 3 main areas of expertise: "Snow/Street/Outdoor."

An internship at Snowleader presents you with the opportunity to develop your skills and gain experience. If you want to work in an environment where sport and professionalism go hand in hand, then our internships were made for you!

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