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Do you regularly go off-piste and want to be better prepared in the event of an accident in the mountains? As well as a shovel, an avalanche probe is an essential piece of avalanche safety equipment.

Why an Arva probe?

According to recent statistics, the chances of survival increase after being buried in an avalanche if the person is rescued within the first fifteen minutes. A good avalanche...

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probe will allow you to quickly locate the victim's precise location. With training and good equipment, you can maximise the chances of survival of buried avalanche victims. Needless to say, avalanche safety equipment without a probe won't help you much!

Choosing the right avalanche probe

The main factors to consider when choosing an avalanche probe are the length, material, diameter, assembly and locking system. The probe needs to be both lightweight and robust. To make sure you choose the right probe for your discipline and the terrain, feel free to use the free Snowleader skype infoline. Our experts will be able to answer your questions and help you choose the right avalanche probe for you.

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