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Radiactor 4.0 Round Neck LS M Gold/Black + X-Bionic

Radiactor 4.0 Round Neck LS M Gold/Black

Warm and technical base layer - Men - X-BIONIC - Autumn/Winter 2019/2020
univers marques
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Radiactor 4.0 Round Neck LS M Gold/Black
univers marques
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The Radiactor 4.0 Round Neck LS M base layer for men from X-BIONIC is a technical base layer from the Radiactor® range developed and designed for all your sports performance when skiing, snowboarding, doing biathlon or ski touring.

The thermoregulation provided by the 3D Bionic Sphere® technology and reinforced by the new Thermosyphon® technology, allow the various different requirements of the body to be satisfied: insulate the cold-sensitive areas and ventilate the areas where heat builds up while allowing sweating to be managed as well as possible.

The AirComPlex-Zone technology keeps your solar plexus warm, and the Expansion Ribs® technology provides extra insulation in sensitive areas like elbows.

Made from Skin NODOR® high-tech fibre that effectively reduces bacterial growth and odour formation thanks to the neutral ions of your skin, you can be sure you'll stay cool and will not feel any discomfort from sweating during your sporting exertions. 

Of all its base layer ranges, the Radiactor® range is the warmest X-BIONIC has created. This ultra-technical base layer will bring you warmth, comfort and performance for all your sporting activities!

- Two-step Front 3D Bionic Sphere® System: The unique patented 3D Bionic Sphere® system has significant resources to help your performance -
1 ; OUTER AIR CHANNEL: when there is no more sweat, the cooling process stops. 2 ; INNER AIR CHANNEL: Warm air is stored inside.

- ISO-Shoulder: the ISO-Shoulder creates an insulating layer that prevents air from entering. Instead of being flat, the material forms light undulations creating channels that store air at body temperature. Exceptional protection against cooling caused by jackets.

- Sweat Traps®: the generously proportioned Sweat Traps® under the arms prevent sweat build-up and cool very effectively. They absorb the sweat so that it evaporates thanks to thermodynamics. A film of sweat - too thin to be noticed - remains to cool the skin.

- Air-conditioning Channel®: circulation of fresh air for more performance thanks to a system of vents. The exchange of fresh air through this system of channels cools the body without giving the impression of spreading "cold" around the body. The permanent movement of air along the Air-Conditioning Channel® effectively removes moisture from the sweaty areas and vents it outside.

- AirComPlex-Zone: warm air enclosed in special channels optimally insulates the solar plexus in cold weather. During physical exertion, the structure processes excess sweat and provides a pleasantly cool feeling.

- Expansion Ribs®: a very flexible system of chambers and channels ensures the insulation of the elbows by storing the hot air inside, then opening with each movement and releasing the hot air stored inside.

- Aktiv-Bund®: Aktiv-Bund® is suitable for all arm, leg and hip widths, without slipping nor feeling too tight.

- 50% Skin NODOR®
- 22% Xitanit®
- 14% Polyamide
- 10% Mythlan®
- 4% Elastane

X-BIONIC Men's Autumn-Winter 2019/2020 Collection

Radiactor 4.0 Round Neck LS M Gold/Black + X-Bionic
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Technical details
2 years
Product details
Weight (g)
Technical details
Base layer top shape
Round neck
Other features
Skin NODOR® A thermoregulatory nano-filament that reduces the proliferation of bacteria and the formation of odours. It contains an inorganic bacteriostatic component. The effectiveness of Skin NODOR® lies in the gradual release of ions, which are activated by the body's heat. These ions inhibit the multiplication of microorganisms, thus preserving the fragile ecosystem of the skin and preventing allergic reactions. In other words, Skin NODOR® is bacteriostatic (inhibits the proliferation of bacteria) rather than bactericidal (it does not kill bacteria). The NODOR® Skin is particularly soft and breathable and guarantees an excellent fit.
Xitanit® With silver ions to make it bacteriostatic, XITANIT® optimizes sweat management by distributing perspiration, and optimizes cooling through evaporation.
Mythlan® Mythlan® lightweight fibre. Neutral for the skin and anti-allergic, acts against germs and odours.
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