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Marauder Elite Dark Blue - Happy Rose Dark Blue Mirror
Marauder Elite Dark Blue - Happy Rose Dark Blue Mirror + Spy

Marauder Elite Dark Blue - Happy Rose Dark Blue Mirror

Ski goggles - Unisex - Marauder Elite - Spy

VAT and custom duties included
Marauder Elite Dark Blue - Happy Rose Dark Blue Mirror
VAT and custom duties included
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The ski mask Marauder Elite Dark Blue - Happy Rose Dark Blue Mirror + Happy Low Light Persimon Silver Mirror ski mask SPY is an ultra-technical accessory created in California for performance-oriented snowboarders.

Its 100% UV protection will protect your eyes from the sun's rays, even at high altitudes. Its anti-scratch coating is effective against impact and protects your mask even when dropped.
It has a screen changing system called Deadbolt™which allows you to change the screen in a fraction of a second. Equipped with magnets and locking levers, it is held firmly and securely to remain immobile in all circumstances. Versatile, it adapts to current weather conditions in the blink of an eye.

Your visibility is improved by the ARC® injected, anti-fog, toricdouble lens, curved to mimic the human eye. As a result, it offers much better-than-average quality of vision and a wider field of view.
SPY has developed a revolutionary technology, Happy™it's a revolutionary technology that not only enhances your perception of the colours and contrasts around you, but also gives you an extraordinary visual experience.

The frame features triple density foam Isotron™ and a ventilation system RISE™to evacuate condensation to the outside. This combination of technologies prevents fogging, so you're sure to be comfortable on your downhill runs.

For optimum comfort and safety, SPY has added discreet notches in the frame, making it easy to integrate your prescription glasses.

The silicone-lined strap gives you excellent support on your helmet or cap.

Its modern, flashy design will add colour to your outfit.

(This mask comes with an additional premium screen, offering optimum category 1 protection in cloudy conditions)

Marauder Elite Dark Blue - Happy Rose Dark Blue Mirror + Spy
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Technical details
Equipment use
Level of protection
Comes with 2 lenses
Comes with 2 lenses
Product details
Weight (g)
Technical details
Climate conditions
Good weather ,  Fog ,  Snow
Face Shape
Large ,  Normal
Anti-fog treatment
Anti-fog treatment
Easy lens changing
Easy lens changing
Glasses compatible
Glasses compatible
Lens type
Other features

- Happy™ Technology
- Double toric ACR© anti-fog screen
- Screen changing system Deadebolt™
- Anti-scratch coating
- 100% UV protection
- Premium category 3 screen (sunny weather), VLT : 13%
- Sold with an additional premium catégorie 1 (temps voilé),VLT : 46%

- Fit Medium/Large
- Matière : Polyuréthane et ABS
- Mousse : mousse triple densité Isotron™ avec molleton Dri-Force™
- Système de ventilation RISE™
- Compatible avec des lunettes de vue (OTG)

Autres caractéristiques
- Compatible avec la plupart des casques
- Sangle XL (45mm) doublé de silicone

Technologies :
- Isotron™ : la mousse Isotron™ triple densité avec molleton Dri-Force™ évacue l’humidité, offre un grand confort et élimine la transpiration du visage.

- RISE™ : aspire l’air par les ouvertures au-dessus de l’écran grâce à l’effet Venturi et crée un vide qui aspire l’air chaud emprisonné derrière l’écran.

- Happy™: l'écran révolutionnaire Happy™ de SPY+ est scientifiquement conçu pour stimuler l’humeur et la vigilance, tout en améliorant les couleurs et les contrastes, pour vous offrir une expérience visuelle incomparable.

- Deadbolt™ : les aimants du système Deadbolt™ maintiennent fermement l’écran en place, tandis que les leviers de verrouillage le bloquent.

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