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Legacy White Ir - Happy Bronze Platinum Mirror
Legacy White Ir - Happy Bronze Platinum Mirror + Spy

Legacy White Ir - Happy Bronze Platinum Mirror

Ski goggles - Unisex - Legacy - SPY

VAT and custom duties included
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Legacy White Ir - Happy Bronze Platinum Mirror
VAT and custom duties included
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The unisex ski mask Legacy White Ir - Happy Bronze Platinum Mirror + Happy Ll Gray Green Red Mirror ski mask SPY brand is a high-quality technical accessory for skiing in cloudy conditions.

The main advantage of this mask is its 100% UV protection, which protects your eyes from the sun's rays, even at high altitude. Its anti-scratch coating is effective against impact and protects your mask even when dropped.

It has a screen changing system, Lock Steady™ 2you can change it very quickly using a small lever. You can adapt it to current weather conditions in the blink of an eye. It's fast, efficient and fingerprint-free!
Your visibility is improved by the ARC® sphericaldouble lens, 5.5 base, anti-fog, curved in 3 dimensions. It moulds perfectly to the shape of your face, offering excellent clarity and a very wide field of vision.
SPY has developed a revolutionary technology, Happy™it's a revolutionary technology that not only enhances your perception of the colours and contrasts around you, but also gives you an extraordinary visual experience.

The frame features triple density foam Isotron™ and a ventilation system RISE™ to evacuate condensation to the outside. This combination of technologies prevents the formation of condensation, making your ski descents more comfortable.

To maximise your well-being and safety, SPY has added discreet notches in the frame, making it easy to integrate your prescription glasses.
The silicone strap gives you excellent support on your helmet or cap.

We love its discreet, modern look!

(This mask comes with an additional premium category 1 screen for hazy weather)

Legacy White Ir - Happy Bronze Platinum Mirror + Spy
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Comes with 2 lenses
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Fog ,  Snow ,  Cloudy
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Large ,  Normal
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Other features

- Screen technology Happy™
- Double spherical ACR© anti-fog screen, 5.5" base
- Screen changing system Lock Steady™
- Anti-scratch coating
- 100% UV protection
- Category 2 screen (cloudy weather) VLT : 18%
- Sold with additional premium screen: Category 1 (hazy weather), VLT : 54%

- Fit Normal/Large
- Material: Polyurethane and ABS
- Foam: triple density foam Isotron™ with fleece Dri-Force™
- Ventilation system RISE™
- Compatible with prescription glasses (OTG)

Other features :
- Compatible with most headphones
- Silicone-lined strap


- Isotron™ Isotron™ triple-density foam with Dri-Force™ fleece wicks moisture away from the face, providing great comfort and eliminating perspiration.

- RISE™ the Venturi effect draws air through the openings above the screen, creating a vacuum that sucks out the hot air trapped behind the screen.

- Happy™the revolutionary Happy™ screen from SPY is scientifically designed to boost mood and alertness, while enhancing colour and contrast to give you an unrivalled viewing experience.

-Spherical screen ACR© : the spherical ski mask screen is curved in 3 dimensions and follows the shape of your retina. Anti-fogging, it preserves the shape of the screen for greater optical clarity.

- Lock Steady™ the Lock Steady™ 2 quick-change system lets you change screens with a simple lever, leaving no fingerprints behind.

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