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Invent 4.0 Round Neck LS M Black/Charcoal + X-Bionic

Invent 4.0 Round Neck LS M Black/Charcoal

Technical base layer - Men - Invent 4.0 Round Neck LS M Black/Charcoal - X-BIONIC - Autumn/Winter
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Invent 4.0 Round Neck LS M Black/Charcoal
univers marques
Product not subject to returns
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The Invent 4.0 Round Neck LS M base layer for men from X-BIONIC is an ideal technical base layer for skiing, snowboarding, biathlon and ski touring.

The thermoregulation provided by the 3D Bionic Sphere® technology allows the various different requirements of the body to be satisfied: insulate the cold-sensitive areas and ventilate the areas where heat builds up while allowing sweating to be managed as well as possible.

During exertion, the air circulation is optimised, thanks to the Air-conditioning Channel® technology. Technologies such as Sweat Traps® located under the arms help absorb perspiration; the MicroDiffuser technology at the wrists gives you additional ventilation to give you a cool feeling during your most intense exertions.

This base layer from the Invent® range offers full functionality and the greatest comfort for all your winter sporting activities.

- ISO-Pads: the ISO-Pads form 11 channels on each hip that extend to the waist to protect internal organs against the cold.

- ProPrio-Padding: proprioceptive padding increases muscle stability and reactions to localised pressure.

- Air-conditioning Channel® with Zero-Insulation: circulation of fresh air for more performance thanks to a system of vents. The exchange of fresh air through this system of channels cools the body without giving the impression of spreading "cold" around the body. The permanent movement of air along the Air-Conditioning Channel® effectively removes moisture from the sweaty areas and vents it outside.

- Sweat Traps®: the generously proportioned Sweat Traps® under the arms prevent sweat build-up and cool very effectively. They absorb the sweat so that it evaporates thanks to thermodynamics. A film of sweat - too thin to be noticed - remains to cool the skin.

- Fitting Ribs: on the back and sides for a greater freedom of movement

- AirConditioningSpot: facilitates the removal of perspiration without the risk of cooling you down too much.

- Wallaby Struktur: cooling structure to remove moisture during exertion

- MicroDiffuser: The MicroDiffuser at the wrists adds an extra comfort band on the sleeves. The diffuser constructions allows continuous ventilation during physical activities.

- 94% polyamide
- 3% Polypropylene
- 3% Elastane

X-BIONIC Men's Autumn-Winter Collection

Invent 4.0 Round Neck LS M Black/Charcoal + X-Bionic
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Technical details
2 years
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Technical details
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Other features

Système 3D Bionic Sphere® : Le système primé 3D Bionic Sphere® arrête l'humidité désagréable, la sensation de surchauffe lors d'une activité intense et empêche le refroidissement pendant les phases de repos et de récupération.

SweaTraps®: les Sweat Traps® généreusement proportionnés sous les bras préviennent la transpiration et rafraîchissent de manière très efficace. Ils absorbent la transpiration afin que celle-ci s'évapore grâce à la thermodynamique. Un film de transpiration – trop fin pour être remarqué – subsiste pour rafraîchir la peau.

Climatisation Channel® : une circulation de l'air frais pour plus de performance grâce à un système de ventilations. L’échange d’air frais passant par ce système de canaux rafraîchit le corps sans donner l’impression d’une diffusion de « froid ». Le mouvement d’air permanent le long de la climatisation Channel® extrait de manière efficace l’humidité des zones de transpiration et l’évacue.

Tampons ISO : les tampons ISO forment onze canaux sur chaque hanche qui s'étendent jusqu'à la taille pour protéger les organes contre le froid.

Rembourage ProPrio : le rembourrage proprioceptif augmente la stabilité musculaire et la réaction à une pression localisée.

94% Polyamide, 3% Polypropylène, 3% Elasthanne

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