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Norrona Trollveggen

Are you an athlete? Are you demanding when it comes to choosing your clothing? You don't want to worry about the quality of your clothing once you have hit the ski slopes? Then place your trust in Norrona clothing. Snowleader presents this brand, renowned within the world of mountaineering on account of the quality of its products.

The norrona brand

Norrona is a Norwegian brand, established in...

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1929 by Jorgen Jorgensen. Literally translated, the name of the brand means "old experienced winter woman", in Old Norse, an ancient Scandinavian language. Since its creation the brand has sold clothing (mainly jackets, fleeces and trousers) for fans of skiing, snowboarding and mountaineering, or even for anyone who practices an outdoor activity. In order to make itself known, Norrona regularly associates with inconic figures, as was recently the case with professional skier Bruno Compagnet.

The Trollveggen Norrona range

Behind the name of this collection lie versatile and innovative fleeces, ski jackets and ski pants. Thanks to the use of various technologies, including Polartec Thermal Pro, Norrona creates clothing with one of the best heat/weight ratios on the market. Perfect for tearing around the slopes, scaling cliff faces or going for a stroll without feeling the cold, Norron Trollveggen outfits go perfectly with the backpack of the same name. All of them are of course available on Snowleader.

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