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What Size Ski Poles Do You Need?

What Size Ski Poles Do You Need?

Choosing the right ski poles



Ski poles are the essential skiing accessories that no one really pays attention to when buying.


Despite the technical speeches of the manufacturers, a ski pole remains an aluminum tube that has the unfortunate tendency to break a tad easily.
However, one should not neglect ski poles as well as their washers and straps.






To measure the right size of ski poles, simply turn a pole upside-down and grab it under the washer.



If your arm form a right angle, the pole is the right size.



If your arm is too open (over 90°), the pole is too small.



If your arm is too close (less than 90°), the pole is oversized.



Many skiers who practice downhill and telemark skiing like to reduce the length of their poles by 5 cm, for extra comfort and ease.

If you are part of this community, you might consider picking a pair of adjustable poles.




Height of skier (cm) Length of pole (cm)
Over 200 cm 140
190 - 200 cm 135
185 - 190 cm 130
175 - 185 cm 125
170 - 175 cm 120
160 - 170 cm 115
155 - 160 cm 110
145 - 155 cm 105
135 - 145 cm 100
125 - 135 cm 95
115 - 125 cm 90
105 - 115 cm 85
Less than 105 cm 80



What Basket?


The majority of poles come with washers, either attached or that can easily be placed on the poles. In most cases these washers are designed for groomed snow slopes. If you love off-piste skiing and powder snow covered ski trails, then you may want to invest in poles with large washers that won't sink into soft snow so easily and remain on the surface of the slope.


Poles with small washers may easily sink into soft snow and could put you off balance.



Carbon or Aluminium Poles?


Aluminium:     5083 (light)

                        5086 (robust and light)

                        7000 and more (good resistance, lightweight and well balanced)


Aluminium is a strong and resilient material that still manages to stay somewhat flexible. Aluminium poles can also, sometimes, be bent back into shape if bent from an impact.



Carbon fibre:


This is the finest material a ski pole can be made of, as it combines glass and carbon fibre to ensure lightness and outstanding balance.
A composite tube of this nature is very difficult to break.

  • The lightness does not affect the quality of the stick.





Snowleader has a wide selection of ski poles from a large number of brands:

Rossignol, Völkl, Scott, Line, Movement, Black Diamond
, ...