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2 seasons: Spring/Summer. Suitable for bivouacking from late spring to early autumn in mild conditions.

3 seasons: Spring/Summer/Autumn. They are designed for travelling, bivouacking, and are capable of withstanding difficult conditions in the mountains: heavy rain, storms, wind. They find their limits in harsh winter conditions.

4 seasons: All year round, at all altitudes and latitudes, everywhere in the world. They are resistant to strong winds and snow storms. These are the shelters used in base camps, on expeditions and in high mountains.
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If you love camping and the great outdoors, look no further than Husky's equipment. This Czech brand has a solid reputation when it comes to tents and sleeping bags that provide excellent value for money. Snowleader has a range of Husky camping equipment.Sleeping bags and tents are the basic essentials when it comes to camping. Their quality can make or break a night under the stars in the...

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middle of the countryside. Husky sleeping bags stand out thanks to their warmth and versatility. As for Husky tents, they're lightweight and suited to all weather conditions. Comfortable and lightweight - what more could you want ?


Find the best-priced Husky sleeping bags on Snowleader

Sleeping bags designed for freezing temperatures that can also be turned into covers and adapted to each body shape: Husky knows its stuff when it comes to sleeping outdoors. Have a question before you buy? Snowleader's experts are on hand to help by phone, email or chat. By choosing Husky, you'll be certain to find the right camping gear.

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