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Deuter baby carrier: choose the right Kid Comfort

Deuter baby carrier: choose the right Kid Comfort

Choosing the right baby-carrier is very important. It needs to meet both the child’s and your needs, as well as being well suited to the environment and climate, as the comfort of the baby as well as you is crucial. As part of its backpack range, Deuter offers the Kid Comfort collection - baby carriers dedicated to outdoor activities. When the time comes to decide between the Kid Comfort ActiveKid Comfort and Kid Comfort Pro models, Snowleader can help you compare them easily thanks to a detailed grid comparing each of their technical characteristics.


Kid Comfort Active Baby Carriers - Deuter

Kid Comfort Active

The Kid Comfort Active is the most lightweight baby carrier in the Deuter collection weighing just 2.680 kg! This baby carrier is available in men's and women's versions (thinner straps and conical hip straps).

However, it remains very practical and comfortable: this model is adjustable at the waist, back, shoulder straps, and stomach straps.

The child's seat is also very comfortable: the seat is made of a soft, airy fabric and the footrests are adjustable and washable.

Weight: 2.680 kg (M) / 2.650 kg (W)
Capacity: 12 Litres
Dimensions: 70 x 43 x 34 cm

Deuter Kid Comfort Active Baby Carrier

Porte bébé Kid Comfort Active SL
Deuter Kid Comfort + PPPS Baby Carrier

Kid Comfort

The Kid Comfort is the basic baby carrier from Deuter, but it is still very comfortable and practical!

With the VariFlex system of mobile hip stabilisers and the VariSlide back length adjustment system, both parents can carry the baby carrier. Your baby will remain comfortable thanks to a soft, breathable fabric-covered frame in the seat area.

Also, the seat and footrests are adjustable, which will allow you to use the baby carrier as your baby grows.

Weight: 3.230 kg + 160g
Capacity: 14 Litres
Dimensions: 72 x 43 x 34 cm

Kid Comfort + PPPS Baby Carrier - Deuter
Kid Comfort Pro Baby Carrier - Deuter

Kid Comfort Pro

The Kid Comfort Pro from Deuter is the must-have in terms of baby-carriers!

It has a mesh back unlike the older versions. Also new, the Kid Comfort Pro has a removable 10-litre rucksack that can be attached to the chest strap or simply stored in the lower pocket of the child's seat!

It's a first class journey for both the passenger and the captain! The VariFlex hip stabilisers, which have been further improved, offer complete carrying comfort.

Weight: 3.550g + 230g
Capacity: 12L + 10L
Dimensions: 80 x 43 x 34 cm

Kid Comfort Pro Baby Carrier - Deuter

Baby Carriers for Hiking

Technical comparison

In order to know whether your child can sit in this baby-carrier they must be able to sit up by themselves and be able to hold their head! The bag can be loaded up to a maximum of 22 kg (weight including the child + accessory bags).

 Baby Carrier Deuter Kid Comfort Active
Kid Comfort Active
Deuter Kid Comfort + PPPS
Kid Comfort
Deuter Kid Comfort Pro
Kid Comfort Pro
Back support system Logo Deuter Lite

Deuter Lite
Logo Deuter Aircontact

Deuter Aircomfort
Logo Deuter Aircontact

Deuter Aircomfort
Back type Foam Mesh Mesh
VariSlide system
Padded hip belt
Adjustable chest strap
Adjustable child seat
Adjustable back
Adjustable straps
Front hip stabilisers
Adjustable foortrests
Adjustable child seat
Easy folding
TÜV compliant
PFC-free guarantee
Lower compartment
Exterior pockets
3L water bottle/pouch compatible
Built-in sunshade
Removable rucksack (10L)

Carrying system:

Lite system:

The Deuter Lite system makes the baby carrier lighter, ideal for endurance sports and day trips to the mountains, reducing the weight to a minimum. Baby carriers with this system are ideal for carrying light to medium loads (depending on volume), without sacrificing the strength of the carrier itself!

Aircomfort system:

The Aircomfort system designed by Deuter offers maximum ventilation thanks to a mesh back that reduces moisture by up to 25%, thus ensuring less stress on the cardiovascular system, but more performance (scientifically proven by the renowned Hohenstein Institute).

VARIFlex System

Deuter baby carriers are tested and certified by TÜV. In the TÜV tests, they have proven not only their high strength, easy handling and carrying comfort, but also the consistency of their manufacturing. They are suitable for children of sitting age (approx. 6 months) - however, this can vary considerably per person.

Aircontact System

1 | The baby belt

The belt for the child is secured at five points. It offers optimum safety and is very practical to use thanks to simple width adjustment and coloured buckles.

Aircontact System

2 | Fit

Precise adjustment to the wearer's back length is essential so that the baby-carrier sits right and is therefore safe. The back lengths of the Kid Comfort are easy to adjust individually with the VariQuick system from Deuter.

Aircontact System

3 | Adjustment

The child seat is height-adjustable so that the child is always in the right position as they grow up.

Aircontact System

4 | VariFlex stabilisers

The VariFlex mobile hip stabilisers are ergonomic, concave, padded, super comfortable and have a perfect fit. They follow complex movement sequences in precise fashion. Difficult passages are therefore easily overcome without loss of balance.

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