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The Reblochon Company has established the Rebloch’ Philanthropy!

Snowleader Foundation

The Reblochon Company has established the Rebloch’ Philanthropy! 

At the end of 2020, Snowleader created a corporate foundation to support projects of public interest. Working in the name of patronage, it is a nonprofit foundation that serves causes for the common good.

Since outdoor sports and the mountains are in our DNA, we have one goal: to give all children the chance to discover, love and preserve the mountains.

Our foundation's mission

In the face of the crises and tensions that fracture our modern world, we have decided to take direct action. Our foundation supports projects of public interest that respond to the major challenges facing our society in terms of social inequalities and the environment.

Our objectives

  • The Snowleader foundation’s primary goal is to facilitate and encourage access to the mountains for young people. It aims to give them the opportunity to share and discover this environment that they may not necessarily have the chance to experience otherwise.
  • Secondly, the foundation aims to take action to protect the environment and to encourage others to do so too. The foundation supports and develops initiatives to protect natural mountain areas.


How does the Snowleader corporate foundation work?

Each year, Snowleader pledges to donate €10 to the foundation for every order placed by their customers during the 4 days of Black Friday sales in Europe. You cannot directly donate to a corporate foundation, but your orders generate a donation and so they mean more than ever during this event!

The call for projects 

Each year, a call for projects is launched to find projects to engage in or associations to collaborate with. The call starts at the beginning of December and lasts for three months. During this time, if you are a nonprofit organisation of public interest*, we invite you to submit a project that meets our objectives. 

*This category includes Organisations of Public (particularly organisations under the 1901 French law whose management is not for profit, whose activity is neither competitive nor for profit, and don’t not benefit a limited circle of people), foundations and associations recognised as being of public interest, sheltered foundations, endowment funds, local authorities, public research laboratories, etc.


Do you have a project that aims to preserve and protect the mountain environment by either raising awareness or taking action (protecting biodiversity, preserving water and glaciers, reducing carbon emissions, green transport, recycling, dismantling outdated facilities, raising public awareness, etc...) ?

Do you have a project that encourages children and young people to explore the mountains, and discover activities and an environment that they know little or nothing about. 

Apply now and we would be delighted to take your proposal into consideration.

Choosing Projects

The Snowleader corporate foundation is coordinated by a Board of Directors that is made up of 14 members. The Board includes a Chairman, Thomas Rouault, who is also the founder of Snowleader, as well as 9 internal Snowleader employees and 5 external members. The latter includes a journalist who specialises in mountain press, two photographers, a former athlete, and a manager of environmental sponsorship projects for a well-known and committed brand. Each member's background and vision of the mountains play a role in the selection of projects supported by the foundation.

These projects are pre-selected by the foundation's team and presented to the administrators, who decide which projects will be selected and the financial support they will receive. This process takes place once a year and we cannot therefore respond to requests outside of the three-month call for projects period (from December to February).

Everyone involved

At Snowleader, we want to enable all of our employees to be involved in the projects supported by the foundation. Those who wish to, can participate in environmental projects or projects with young people in the mountains. To achieve this, we have launched a corporate volunteer program which offers each employee 5 working days per year to spend collaborating with our partnered organisations.

Our sponsorship activities

Here are some examples of projects we have supported since 2021. 

To facilitate access to the mountains for young people:

  • Since the creation of the Snowleader foundation, nearly 1,500 children and young people have been able to discover winter and summer mountain activities. Whether they are in kindergarten, primary or secondary school, whether they live at the foot of the mountains or in the city, they have experienced the mountains! Children with educational difficulties have been able to escape to the mountains, as have children with disabilities, young people who are living in extreme poverty or who have left the school system and find themselves isolated from the rest of society.
  • We have given schoolchildren the opportunity to visit the mountain pastures and meet the shepherds.
  • Nature camps (snow and environment classes) have been relaunched for Marseille schools in the priority education network, at a considerably reduced cost for families.
  • We have also brought the mountains to the hospital through augmented reality.

To encourage the protection of the mountain environment:

  • Global warming in the mountains is being explained to schoolchildren and the general public using an educational game.
  • Young people are and will continue to be educated about eco-responsibility in our mountain areas.
  • To protect mountain fauna, sports men and women can check which areas are considered sensitive at certain times of the year before setting off for their outdoor activities.
  • Outdated facilities have been dismantled and rubbish collected so that the mountains can be preserved and regain their wild characteristics.  
  • Sustainable transport to reach the mountains has been explained to young people and integrated into their routines.

Take a look at our activity report to find out more and visit the foundation's website at: