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Choosing the right cross-country skis and nordic ski poles

Choosing the right cross-country skis and nordic ski poles

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Nordic skiing is the oldest form of skiing. It is divided into several disciplines: cross-country or classic skiing, skating and even ski jumping.

In cross-country or classic skiing, you progress by sliding one ski in front of the other in parallel tracks. In skating, you move forward by performing a "skating step" similar to rollerblading or ice skating.

But how do you choose the right equipment?

Choosing the right nordic skis size

Each practice has its own specific equipment. Nordic skiing is divided into several disciplines, each of which requires specific equipment. The most important aspects to consider are the height, weight and level of the skier.

For classic cross-country skiing, choose a ski 30 cm taller than you.

For skating, you should go for a ski between 15 and 20 cm taller than you.

These figures may slightly fluctuate: two skiers of the same size but with a different weight will not choose the same skis: the heaviest skier will opt for longer skis with an increased grip surface and smoother sliding.

To choose the size of your ski, please first refer to the size grid indicated on the ski description.

As mentioned above, the skier's level will also be a key characteristic to take into account. The higher your level, the more you can afford to choose long skis that will improve your glide and give you a considerable speed boost.

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Choosing the right nordic ski poles size

Just like for the skis, the skier's size, practice and level will be determining factors in the choice of poles.

For classic cross-country skiing, the most common choice is a pole that reaches the skier's armpit.
The correct pole size can also be determined by performing the following calculation: skier's height x 0.84..

For skating, the poles must reach the skier's neck.
The following formula can be used: skier's height x 0.89.  

conseil ski de fond conseil ski de fond
               CLASSIC                     SKATING

Type of poles Size of the poles
Cross-country/classic skiing Skier's height x 0.84
Skating Skier's height x 0.89

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