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Snowleader offers you a free day of guiding

Snowleader offers you a free day of guiding

snowleader offers your a free guided day

Snowleader offers its loyal customers a free guided day.

Snowleader would like to offer its most loyal customers a little thank you, for their continued confidence in Snowleader. We would like to offer all of our "Summit" mountain club members a free guided day with our partners, Bureau des Guides Annecy. This is a fantastic opportunity to experience the beauty of the mountains around Annecy and get to explore further than you might have ventured yourself. Attention, places are limited. If you are a "Summit" customer and would like to take part in a guided day, please complete the registration form below. Snowleader will then contact you with further information on dates and conditions.

snowleader vous offre une sortie avec un guide