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Dachstein Shoe Size Guide and Conversion Chart

Dachstein Shoe Size Guide and Conversion Chart

Dachstein size guide

Find out on Snowleader the Austrian brand Dachstein, a shoe specialist. Dachstein drew its inspiration from the outdoor to prodive qualitative shoes that combine the urban style with the technicality of mountaineering shoes. These shoes are hard-wearing and comfortable, so that they can be worn for long periods of time and on any terrain.

How to measure shoes

You will need...
A tape measure1 piece of paperThe corner of a wallSocks(which you will wear with the shoes)
  1. Put the piece of paper next to the wall
  2. Put you foot on the paper with your heel touching the wall
  3. Make a line on the paper at the level of your longest toe
  4. Measure the space between the line on the paper and the edge of the paper where your heel was

Find your size equivalence

Shoes - Men & Women

EUR Size 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47
UK Size 4 5 6 6,5 7,5 8 9 10 10,5 11,5 12
Foot length 23 24 25 25,5 26,5 27 28 29 29,5 30,5 31
The measures are centimeters (cm). This size guide will help you choose, but does not match the actual product dimensions.