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Ortovox’s mission to improve avalanche safety equipment for skiers, snowboarders and mountaineers began in 1980 with their first avalanche transceiver. Now some 36 years on Ortovox continue to push this area of the industry and manufacture some of the most cutting edge avalanche safety equipment available today. Their list of products now includes transceivers, shovels, probes, backpacks,    ...


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         airbag backpacks  ,fleeces, jackets and pants, all designed with one aim in mind: protecting skiers, snowboarders and other mountain explorers.

Ortovox: your avalanche safety expert

Since its invention of the first dual-frequency avalanche transceiver back in 1980, Ortovox has continued to innovate in order to offer ever greater safety for lovers of the mountains and snow. With more than 30 years’ experience, the company has developed a wide range of avalanche safety equipment, including the well-known Base, an ABS rucksack with a built-in airbag and transceiver. Off-piste skiers and hikers will find Ortovox an indispensable ally for their sport.

Ortovox, fleeces and mountain equipment made to last

Following its innovations in the development and manufacture of transceivers, Ortovox continued to expand its collection of mountain equipment, initially with avalanche bags.Later, the company l moved into the creation of comfortable, high-performance, low-maintenance clothes and accessories for those participating in expeditions and mountain sports.  From fleeces to technical base layers, Ortovox clothing offers protection from the elements, high performance and strength, helping you to tackle the highest summits and the toughest slopes.

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