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Trail Running: How To Choose The Right Running Shoe For You

Trail Running: How To Choose The Right Running Shoe For You


Tips for choosing the trail shoe that fits you

When choosing a trail running shoe it is important to not only take into account the weight, size, comfort and cushioning the shoes offers. But also what sort of trails you run on, the frequency and distance of your runs and your type of stride you have. I know, a lot to think about for a pair of running shoes!

Just remember, choosing the right pair of shoes will help prevent minor injuries (blisters, sore feet) but also more serious injuries too (sprain, ligament injuries, etc.).



Like all running shoes, you must feel comfortable in the shoes! Listen to your foot, try on the shoes, walk around a little, it must feel comfortable from the start! Tip: We prefer to go a size larger the our normal shoes, because during a race your foot will swell a little from the heat.


Where are you running, on roads, in the mountains, down the pub? If you run on mountain trails then consider something with a stronger sole, that will provide you with more grip and protection. However if you mostly run on roads and only occasionally on trails, then look for a hybrid shoe.


Depending on the season and where you are running you may or may not want a waterproof shoe. If you are lucky enough to live somewhere where it doesn’t rain, then you should be on the intertanital website! But you will also probably not want a shoe that is quite so waterproof. However, if you love being out on the trails in the wet, or have not choice, then you might want a shoe that is a little more water resistant.


What do we mean but that? Well having a sole that will protect you from the sharper, rougher terrain is a must have for alpine running. Also, a reenforced toe area is going to keep you from trashing your toes when your legs are too tired to lift your feet up properly. A little higher cuff on the angle is also a welcome extra from some runners too. All of these features come into their own the longer you are out running, when comfort is truly welcome.


Trail running takes to you to some pretty rough places, rocky terrain, uphills and downhills. Therefor it’s important to choose a shoe suits the sort of trails you will be out on. The enough grip and the right sort of grip, to stop you going head over heels and injuring yourself. Not only that, if you have the right running shoes for the job you are going to get the most satisfaction too.

This is just are quick overview of the main points to think about when choosing a pair of trail running shoes. Remember that is is also important to have a good pair of technical socks, as these will help work the shoes and look after your feet.




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