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How to take care of your GORE-TEX® jacket

How to take care of your GORE-TEX® jacket

The effectiveness of GORE-TEX products is no longer to be proven. It is THE essential technology found on many technical clothing for skiing or outdoor activities in general. All right, but... to keep your jacket waterproof and breathable, you have to take care of it! This is because GORE-TEX products are made up of "pores" (similar to our own skin) that provide good breathability. Over time these pores clog with dirt, affecting the performance of the product. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your product, and making sure your garment offers the best waterproofing and breathability possible. Here are some very simple tips for preserving your GORE-TEX jacket or pants.

how to take care of your gore-tex jacket how to take care of your gore-tex jacket



Ideally, you should refer to the label of the garment. Remember to fully zip your product and to close the pockets and vents under the arms.

Your jacket or pants are machine washable at 40 degrees. Use a small amount of liquid detergent. You can use a conventional detergent or a suitable product such as Nikwax Tech Wash

No fabric softener or laundry powder! Products containing chlorine or stain removers should also be avoided.

Machine washing your GORE-TEX® products will remove dirt and filth that can clog the membrane "pores".

GORE-TEX® recommends cleaning at home. If you have your garment dry washed by a professional, make sure a distilled hydrocarture solvent is used for rinsing and that a water-repellent spray is applied before drying.

washing gore tex jacketwashing gore tex jacket



Drying is a crucial part of the process, it will revitalize the water repellency of your GORE-TEX® garment. You can let your jacket dry in the open air or use your dryer set in a delicate program.

Once the garment is dry, it is recommended that your tumble dry it for another 20 minutes to revive water repellency. Alternatively, you can iron it (iron in delicate mode, without steam), without forgetting to put a towel between the garment and the iron.

The ideal solution, of course, is the additional dryer + ironing combo to revive the DWR (i.e. Durable Water Repellent) as much as technically possible. 

Drying a gore-tex jacketDrying a gore-tex jacket



You can then apply a waterproof finish to your jacket if you wish, because the water repellency of your jacket or pants can deteriorate over time. If water repellency no longer reactivates, apply a new water-repellent treatment by spraying the exterior of the garment.

Waterproofing gore tex jacket Waterproofing gore tex jacket