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Cloth Masks

Now more important than ever, cloth masks constitute a significant tool in our fight against the airborne transmission of infectious agents, which must be accessible to the general public as plainly as possible. To fight against the spread of the coronavirus and to protect the most fragile people, we are providing you with washable and reusable face masks, available in several colours and for...


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all sizes, from kids to adults. Discover the surgical masks available for purchase at Snowleader and let's all fight together against the covid-19 and virus transmission in general!

Why buy a cloth mask?

Wearing a fabric mask should be used in accordance with the recommandations already given by authorities. This tool helps limit the spread of airborne viruses by reducing the amount of particles emitted by infected people. By limiting the range of droplets that are released when one speaks, coughs or sneezes, the protective mask reduces the risk of contamination of others. However, it should be kept in mind that surgical masks do not comply with the FFP2 standard, and therefore do not protect against infection: they are designed to prevent virus vectors from transmitting it. It should also be kept in mind that wearing a cloth mask does not in any way exonerate one from respecting barrier gestures, quite the contrary: it is an extra tool in our common effort to fight the pandemic, in addition to social distancing measures as well as vigilant and health-conscious behaviour. Finally, these masks represent a sustainable alternative to disposable masks, and therefore a solution that is both more respectful of the environment and cheaper!

Fabric masks in all sizes, from kids to adults

Because we are not all equal in terms of our face's size and shape depending on our age, sex and genetics, the fabric masks available at Snowleader come in several sizes, from XS to L, designed to perfectly fit the face of a child as well as that of an adult, male or female. Some masks, such as UYN's Community Mask, are designed to fit perfectly over the mouth and nose of the user thanks to its ergonomic construction. They are also breathable (thanks to a three-dimensional weaving process) and water-repellent.

How do I clean my face mask?

In order to fight effectively against airborne transmission of infectious agents, it is important to regularly wash your cloth mask to eliminate viruses and other pathogens that may have collected on it. A conventional machine wash at 60°C for 30 minutes with detergent (preferably without softener) is recommended. All you have to do is let your mask dry in a well-ventilated and hygienic environment. The Community Mask from Uyn is also made of Polypropylene material, for increased drying speed!

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