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 Women'S Solution Split 2022 + Jones Snowboards

Women'S Solution Split 2022

Splitboard - Women - Women'S Solution Split 2022 - Jones - 2022
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Women'S Solution Split 2022
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The Women's Solution Split is, as its name suggests, THE solution for all women riders from experienced to expert level.

Made for backcountry hunters, the Women's Solution Split will open up new horizons, which will now be more accessible thanks to your Jonessplitboard. 

The ultimate board, the Women's Solution Split board embodies the history and DNA for which pro-rider Jeremy Jones' American brand is famous. The Women's Solution Split splitboard stands out thanks to its incredible downhill power, similar to a traditional board. 

The Women's Solution Split provides excellent performance with reduced weight, thanks to its new FSC™ Ultra Core. More eco-friendly, the topsheet is also new with a manufacturing process using a bio-plastic.

On the grip side, Traction Tech 3.0 corrugated edges provide the necessary bite on hard snow. Its water-repellent Topsheet prevents snow from sticking to the board, avoiding a heavy load during ascents. Fitted with Karakorambindings, the Women's Solution Split will provide you with a rigid and reliable set to get you started at Mach 2 on the next descent.

The Women's Solution Split will delight all experienced to expert, demanding riders who are looking for a board that can carry them further and faster! 

The board is delivered as is, with a Karakoram Ultra Clip included.

Please note: In an effort to reduce waste, Jones randomly produces the base colours by inverting graphics and backgrounds.

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Technical details
2 years
Practice level
Heel width (mm)
Skate width (mm)
Tip Width (mm)
Reference Size (cm) : 149
Turn radius (m) : 7.3
Spatule / Talon
Jones Snowboards-logo
Season year
Product details
Skate width (mm)
Tip Width (mm)
Heel width (mm)
Weight (g)
Turn radius (m)
Setback (mm)
Reference Size (cm)
Technical details
Snowboard profile
Double Rocker/Standard Camber
Ski stability
All-snow conditions
Other features

- Camber: Directional Rocker : classic camber with rocker for greater float and grip in all snow conditions. The longer tip rocker improves float, while the camber ensures edge hold and response. The shorter tail rocker provides the same power and stability as other boards, but prevents catching edges when entering turns and landing in switch.

Shape :
- Directional : classic shape with the nose slightly longer than the tail for float on unpacked snow.
- Directional Flex pattern
- Bolt-less Bridge : reduction of the components of the linkage box and therefore reduction of weight. In addition, the skis are more closely bonded, improving torsional rigidity.
Blunt Nose: a curved nose improves the glide and reduces the grip of the snow and therefore reduces the "ploughing" effect of the nose.
- Inside & Outside Traction Tech 3.0 : The undulating edges offer an edge grip with multiple contact points along the length of the board. This technology offsets the edge drift of the rocker, so that you can firmly lock into any moves.
- Progressive Sidecut: The radius at the ends of the sidecut is slightly increased as the edge reaches the contact points. This larger radius ensures a smoother ride when entering and exiting turns.
Quick Tension Tail The Quick Tension system is a lightweight solution unique to boards by Jones from 2016 onwards (except the Discovery). These Jones splitboards have a notch on the tail so you can attach and secure Quick Tension compatible skins. The Quick Tension clip has been re-designed to include a rubber tail strap and a compact metal clip.

Flex: 8/10, stiff flex

Core : 
FSC Ultra Split Core : The new Ultra Core is the lightest wooden core on offer. It is made primarily of Paulownia with poplar side rails, specially positioned for better durability and cornering power.
- Sustainable Flax/Basalt Stringers : 100% natural basalt stringer. Each support becomes more powerful and the torsional stiffness of the board is improved.

- Topsheet:
- Triax Fibreglass: a multi-axial fibre glass layer for a responsive ride, whatever the terrain and snow conditions.
- Textured ECO-Plastic Topsheet : topsheet made of bio-plastic from castor beans. Ultra light, this material is scratch-resistant and water-repellent.

- Sole: 
- Sintered 9900 base: base made from UHMW-PE (Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) and carbon. Extremely easy to repair, with maximum acceleration and glide.
Stainless Steel Reinforcement : Yoke/Insert Stainless steel plates are on the board's nose and tail.
Flip Flop Base : to minimise waste during the manufacturing process. Two base colours available and are delivered random and may differ.

- Technologies:
Karakoram Ultra Clip : Jones splitboards have Karakoram clips as well as hooks on the nose and tail. These tension-adjustable K-clips improve the board's torsional rigidity.
- Outer Oversized Recycled Edges : external edges made of recycled steel.
Inner Thin Recycled Edges: durable, thin edges on the inside edges of skis
Recycled Rounded ABS : The ABS plastics in Jones boards are made from recycled plastic.
Wend Natural Wax : ready to use as soon as they leave the factory, Jones snowboards are already waxed with Wend Natural Wax.
Super Sap Organic Resin : All Jones boards are now built with bio-based, renewable epoxy instead of petroleum based epoxy. The raw materials used to make Super Sap Bio-Resin are co-products or waste products of other plant-based industrial processes. Producing Super Sap requires 33% less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional epoxy.

Team review

The Women's Solution Split is a revolution in the small world of splitboarding, the Women's Solution Split provides:control,stability , float and torsional rigidity.

The Women's Solution Split has all the advantages of an efficient and safe board.
Also equipped with a directional rocker and internal and external Traction Tech 2.0, meaning there is no speed limit for this board which provides serenity underfoot and precision in curves.

A must in the land of the split, which will allow you to ride route after route.

Advantages : High-performing and well-equipped

Disadvantages : Demanding

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