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Private Sale : 10% off all Equipment products and 20% off Clothing products !

Private Sale : 10% off all Equipment products and 20% off Clothing products !
Speedgoat 3 Stormy Weather / Tangerine Tango
  • Speedgoat 3 Stormy Weather / Tangerine Tango
  • Speedgoat 3 Stormy Weather / Tangerine Tango
  • Speedgoat 3 Stormy Weather / Tangerine Tango
  • Speedgoat 3 Stormy Weather / Tangerine Tango
  • Speedgoat 3 Stormy Weather / Tangerine Tango

    Trail running shoes - Men - Hoka One One

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    Lacing system

    Classic lacing







    actual weight of the pair ( g )




    Drop (mm)


    Difference in height between the back (heel) and front (forefoot) of the shoe. The smaller the drop, the more natural the stride.

    recommended weight

    All weights


    Average, Long

    Short = Up to 20km

    Medium = from 20 to 80 km

    Long = More than 80 km

    Detailed description

    Speedgoat 3 is a type of men's trail-running shoes from Hoka One One.

    This absolute reference standard on the market has been relaunched with various changes. Inspired by the famous athlete Karl Meltzer, winner of the greatest number of ultra-trail competitions, the Speedgoat generation 3 presents no change of spirit but undergoes improvements, e.g. a gusseted tongue, designed with a very light mesh offering greater comfort than in the previous version and a very light PUR structure on its sides to increase stability.

    This technical trailblazer for all distances now has better heel maintenance As for the fit, it becomes more wrap-around by means of PUR side tongues mentioned above giving you a feeling of incredible stability. But in spite of that, Speedgoat 3 has not become less ample and retains its exceptional comfort. Hoka One One has also improved its stoneguard, now tougher with denser PUR to enhance foot protection. This upgrade is logical on account of the shoe's predilection for the technical nature of trail-running.

    The rest of the shoe remains unchanged. The outer sole is always fitted with long-spiked Vibram® aggressive-looking and multidirectional studs to afford you unbeatable grip on whatever terrain you are running on. Cushioning is systematically one of the great advantages of W Speedgoat 3. Made possible by means of a CMEVA foam unit, it offers a perfect balance between comfort and dynamism to better your performances while pampering your feet even over long distances.

     Speedgoat 3 will be more than ever before the shoe you will wear for the most highly selected of your trail runs. It is systematically more reliable and more effective thanks to a magical mix offering lightness, grip, cushioning and comfort. Sheer delight for your feet.

    Technical Details


    - Structure of breathable technical mesh for maximum ventilation and maintenance.
    - Reinforced TPU coatings at midfoot ensuring optimal maintenance.
    - Midfoot structure designed for stability and maintenance;
    - Oversize EVA midsole ensuring light cushioning.
    - Enlarged platform designed to offer a more stable base for any terrain.
    - The CMEVA moss midsole absorbs impact and procures true stability.
    - The Vibram® Mega-Grip outer sole offers a very good grip with its 5 mm studs.
    - Multidirectional studs for incomparable grip on a range of terrains.
    - Longer lasting outer sole .
    - Weight: 292 g per shoe
    - Fit: medium


    ° Volume of midsole: up to 2.5 greater than that of standard running shoes with specific cushioning materials to provide performance.. 
    Advantage: Excellent shock absorption and a naturally stable gait.

    ° Meta-Rocker: The geometry of the midsole, especially designed with a low heel-toe drop and a sculpted outsole radius at heel and toes has given a unique fulcrum effect and favours a guided gait cycle. 
    >>Advantage: Keeps runners fit and favours fast progress with a positive approach from heel to toe.

    Studs: Vibram® Mega-Grip - 5 mm. 
    >> Advantage: All-surface grip even on the most technical trails

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