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Ski socks

Snowleader specialises in ski clothing and mountain equipment. And that is why we have selected leading brands of women's ski socks for you: X-Socks, Volcom, Kari Traa and Rywan. So that you can find the design you need, your online shop will provide you with hints and advice.

Why go for ski socks?

When you go online shopping for your next snow outfit, you will pick the jacket, the pants or...


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the shoes first. But what about your underwear? Like most snow clothes, ski socks are specially designed to be worn in cold temperatures. Unlike town socks, the designs shown here are waterproof and warm, and usually cover your leg up to the knee. This will prevent you from getting moist and numb feet after only a few hours of activity. Ski socks are usually made from a blend of wool or acrylic, and also provide ventilation. This allows for optimum wicking away of perspiration. A further advantage is that snowboard and ski socks tend to slip less around the ankles and are wrinkle-resistant. This makes them convenient for skiing and hurtling down the slopes without stopping every now and then to put your outfit in place.

Snow clothes and ski socks: selection criteria

As with all snow clothing, women’s ski socks must fulfil a number of criteria. In addition to being comfortable, they must be lightweight so that they wick away perspiration more effectively. Also, try to go for wool mix socks with reinforcement around the heel and toe. These are the two areas most sensitive to cold. Lastly, make sure that the socks provide support without constricting you. For this, you need to choose the right size amongst the three on offer: S (from U.K. sizes 3 to 6), M (6 to 9) and L (9 to 12).

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