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Our advices Winter Jackets & Coats

Should you opt for a winter coat or a bulky ski jacket? Many women ask themselves this question when the winter sports season is approaching. To help you make your decision, Snowleader explains how to make the best choice and offers you some of the best winter coats on the market at the same time - MilletNorrønaHenjl and more. 

The ideal snow jacket

Women’s outdoor coats provide several...

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advantages. First of all, this type of snow jacket is a waterproof windcheater. So, it’ll be just the thing to protect you against snow, rain and wind when the weather is getting harsh. Given the choice, it’s also best to go for a breathable jacket. This variety is designed to be more effective at letting out perspiration during strenuous exertion. Bear in mind that there are several thicknesses available: classic, Safari, and extreme cold jackets. For skiing and snowboarding in harsh weather conditions, it’s best to go for a jacket designed for extreme cold, comprised of several layers, you won't get cold after a few fall in the thick snow. Choose a classic type for leisure skiing or hiking in moderate temperatures. You will enjoy your activity and feel more at ease. As you’ll have realised, a parka can adapt to any situation.


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