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Snowboard Wax

Waxing is an essential part of owning your own board. It should be done regularly to avoid sticking and ensure a smooth ride. Buy the same snowboard wax the professionals use on!


How snowboard wax works

Contrary to popular belief, snowboards do not slide along snow, but rather on a thin layer of water on top of the snow, which is created by friction between the...

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base of the board and the snow. The underside of the snowboard has millions of tiny grooves which facilitate the melting of the snow and prevent sticking. That's where wax comes in - it adds to and protects this intricate network of grooves, as well as stopping the base from drying and flaking, avoiding that 'grabbing' feeling.


How to wax your snowboard

You should wax your snowboard at least every 10 ski days to prevent it from deteriorating. This should be done in a well ventilated area, as products used in snowboard wax are dangerous to inhale.


There's a choice between hot wax and cold wax. Hot wax must be applied with an iron, and takes a longer time, but the results last longer and the wax penetrates the board, giving it a deep conditioning effect. Cold wax is the cheaper option, is easier to do and takes less time, but gives a less thorough result. It is recommended that you use hot wax as often as possible and just use cold wax in between hot waxes as a 'top-up'.


You should cover the base of the board with a layer of wax, (and leave it to cool if you have used hot wax), then scrape it off with a wax scraper.


On Snowleader, we have everything you need to keep your snowboard in top condition. We have a variety of waxes and accessories from Vola, Swix, Toko and more.

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