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Ski Boot Bags

Don't forget your ski boot bag

Ski boots can sometimes be bulky, especially when not on the feet! That's why major mountain equipment brands have designed the ski boot bag, an indispensable accessory that not only protects your boots, but also allows you to transport them in good conditions.

The essential accessory: the ski boot bag

Ski boot bags are available on the Snowleader website as a...



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carry bag version, such as the Ultimax Gear Bag, or as a backpack version, such as the Racer Boot Pack from Rossignol or the Boot Carrier Backpack from Deuter. You will no doubt fall in love with the latter due to its versatility, with its front compartment that can be transformed into a floor mat to keep you dry.

Ski boot bags online at Snowleader

The latest ski boot bag is the Radical Heated Bag by Rossignol. As its name suggests, it has a built-in heating function to dry boots at home or on the way to the resort. The Organic Gear Bag from Salomon has been designed with ventilation and also has a roll-out floor mat for easy donning.

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