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Our advices Reblochons


Not just any cheese, this is some authentic stuff and we’re not saying that willy-nilly.

Reblochon farm cheese is made from the milk of one single herd of cows in the mountains of Savoie (That’s where we’re from), it is uncooked and made from full-cream unpasteurized milk.

Manufacture actually begins immediately after milking, which is about two times a day, it’s then curdled and...

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lightly pressed by hand in a mould before being packaged. A green sticker, that tells you which farm it was made in, is placed on top.

Any avid cheese fan should know that Reblochon is the real deal. In fact, if you followed the World Cheese Awards back in ‘14, you will be aware that this celebrated cheese won a bronze medal.

When you order 150€ worth of items from our website, we will send you one wheel of this lovely cheese. So get shopping and we’ll send you some proper fromage.