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Some tips for looking after your skis

At the beginning or end of each season, remember to service your skis! Simple and quick to do, it will make sure they stay in better condition and will make them more efficient on snow! Keeping them in good condition means also treating them well: store them in a clean and dry place! Do not leave them in their bag when they are wet because the edges will...

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Wax your skis in a few simple steps

If you're practical and enjoy a bit of DIY, you can easily repair and wax your skis yourself! All you need is the right equipment. Snowleader has everything you need: wax, iron, scraper, tools. For waxing, start by cleaning the base of your skis to remove dirt. You then need wax and an iron. Melt the wax on the base in droplets with your iron. Then use the iron to spread the wax on the base. Leave to cool. You can then scrape off the wax with a scraper and brush the entire base. Finish by polishing with a cloth. That's all there is to it!

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