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GORE-TEX® membrane is durably waterproof abd windproof, combined with optimised breathability. Enduring products that maximize protection and comfort for the wearer.
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Having trouble picking the right snow outfit for your little ones? An alternative to a two-piece outfit is the ski suit which is ideal for toddlers. But how do you choose the most suitable type for your child? To help you decide, Snowleader has selected benchmark brands, such as Reush, Ripcurl and Quiksilver. You can also check out our tips on finding the best suit or pair of salopettes made...


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by Reush, Ripcurl or Quiksilver.

The one-piece ski suit: ski clothing for infants

Do you want to buy a one-piece ski suit for your kid? It is indeed an excellent choice for infants. It provides warmth and optimum waterproofing. And even if your kiddies do like to roll around in the snow or go tobogganing, you may rest assured that they’ll be properly protected. To find the perfect suit, it’s absolutely essential for your little boy girl to come along with you for fitting purposes. In fact, it’s almost impossible to rely on size labels because every manufacturer has its own sizing system. Once your child has put on the ski suit, ask him or her to make large movements, bend his/her knees and run to make sure that the outfit doesn’t restrict his or her movement.

Ski salopettes: for greater freedom of movement

Over the age of seven, it’s best to go for a two-piece outfit or ski salopettes. As it happens, this will provide your children with greater freedom of movement. Also, give preference to designs with gaiters to stop snow getting into your boy or girl’s shoes. Whether it’s a ski suit or salopettes, focus on those little details which will come in useful from day to day, such as zip pockets, drawstrings, hoods, and so on.

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