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Fleeces & Mid Layers

Volcom, Norrona, DC Shoes… all these brands offer high-quality children’s fleeces which Snowleader, the specialist in mountain equipment, has selected for you. Your online shop also provides you with tips so that you choose the most suitable snow clothing for your kids.

Children’s fleeces and the three-layer system

As you’re probably already aware, the ideal ski outfit is comprised of three...

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layers. The same goes for children’s versions. First, comes the underwear, then themid layer and finally the jacket. The mid layer plays a crucial role because its task is to keep in heat and wick away moisture and perspiration. That’s why the fleece is in particularly high demand. It’s best to pick one of medium thickness when temperatures are moderate so that your boy or girl doesn’t get too hot. In extreme cold, choose a thick fleece instead. Although it’ll be less effective at wicking away perspiration, it’ll protect your children better against the cold. Lastly, give preference to designs with a hood, drawstrings and zips. They’ll be easier for your children to use. His/her midlayer should be well-adjusted so it keeps the heat in, but loose enough in order to not restrain your child's movement.

Snow and ski jackets: let your children choose

It’s also really important for your child to like his snow jacket and his outfit if you don’t want him refusing to wear it! That’s why it’s best to get him or her involved in picking their fleece. So, find a nice, protective design and let him or her choose the colour, brand or shape. Snowleader-selected fleeces made by Volcom, Norrona, DC Shoes and Columbia, with their unique designs, are sure to appeal to boys and girls alike!

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