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Cross country touring skis

The classic cross country ski is long, thin and narrow. This type of ski is mostly used on specially made tracks - the skier pushes themself along with their skis parallel to one another.


Skate skis

If you prefer to do your cross country skiing at speed, skating may be for you ! Cross country skate skis are typically lighter, shorter and thinner than ‘classic’...

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cross country skis to allow the skis to be picked up at speed.


Choosing your skis

The length of your cross country ski should be around 110 – 120% of your height (skate skis should be slightly shorter at around 105%).


As you’d expect, longer skis are slightly harder to manœuvre, but can carry you across the ground faster than shorter skis which are easy to control but are harder to gather momentum. If you are a beginner, we recommend choosing slightly shorter skis as you improve your technique and ski fitness.


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