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The cross-country ski boot is a personalised choice

As with most sports, cross-country ski boots should be chosen with care, because if they hurt your feet or are uncomfortable, your ride will be ruined, especially since your feet do a lot of the work. Cross-country ski boots should also be warm and protect your feet well.

Cross-country ski boots for every style

When you practice the classic...

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style, your cross-country ski boots should be ankle high, while when skating, they should go up to the calf, to hold the ankle and ski well and avoid accidents. Snowleader offers high quality boots, the most accessible are designed to suit beginners who want to progress comfortably, but if you are considering long-term cross-country skiing, don't hesitate to invest in a more expensive, comfortable and progressive cross-country ski boot, which you can count on for a long time as you go out in the snow.

A cross-country ski boot adapted to both leisure and competition

Cross-country skiing as a leisure activity, for the sole pleasure, requires warm and waterproof boots, so that you never feel the cold on your feet, and feel like you're in slippers. On the other hand, if your practice is mainly sporting, an intermediate or competitive cross-country ski boot, for the most experienced, with good technical qualities, will allow a more intensive practice, without risk of injury.

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