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Prism Skate: Skateboards, longboards and cruisers

Prism Skate

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Prism Skate

Prism Skate's longboards are handcrafted by passionate longboarders. The design of their skateboards is directly influenced by their designers' long years of practice, who pay close attention to details. All the brand's longboards are of the highest quality and made from sturdy materials. Discover Prism Skate's longboards carefully selected by Snowleader.

The history behind Prism Skate


Prism Skate
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small Californian brand Prism Skate was founded by a group of friends with a shared passion: longboarding. These Californian skaters first worked with big names in the skate industry, before realizing that there was no longboard brand that really matched their expectations and vision. They then decided to create Prism Skate, a skate brand that would live up to their values. Prism Skate longboards come with a promise: your skateboard will always live up to your level of practice.

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