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Pack Rando Vertical Bear W 2019

Ski touring package - Women - Dynastar - Vertical Bear W - 2018-19

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Vertical Bear W 2019
  • Vertical Bear W 2019
  • Vertical Bear W 2019
  • Vertical Bear W 2019
  • Vertical Bear W 2019
  • Vertical Bear W 2019
  • Vertical Bear W 2019

    Touring skis - Women - Dynastar - 2018/2019
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    Reference size: 167cm Radius: 20m
    ski image




    110 85 120


    technology rocker image

    Rocker technology

    technology camber image





    Rocker technology


    Tip Width (mm)


    Waist Width (mm)


    Tail Width (mm)


    Reference Size (cm)


    Turn radius (m)


    Short radius: Enables the skier to turn more easily, facilitates short turns, wedelling, slalom, moguls fields.

    Long radius: Enables the skier to make longer turns and be more stable, even at high speeds.



    actual weight of the pair ( g )





    Front Rocker / Standard Camber

    Detailed description

    Detailed description

    The Dynastar Vertical Bear W touring ski returns this season with a women's version of the brand's Vertical range.

    Dynastar uses its know-how to this season offer a women's version of the renowned Vertical Bear, always accessible and enjoyable to ski. Its Cap construction makes it extremely forgiving and manoeuvrable, and its light rocker tip makes the pivoting easy.

    Versatile thanks to its 85 mm waist, it retains good grip and efficiency in hard snow.

    Its ultra-light wood core, only 2700 g the pair (for 175 cm), makes light work of ascents, while maintaining irreproachable stability in descents.

    In short, the Vertical Bear W is the perfect compromise for all skiers wishing to take up ski touring for leisure, but also for seasoned hikers wanting a safe and reliable ski.

    Technical Details

    Characteristics: (Reference pair: 173cm)

    -Turning radius: 18m
    Weight: 2.5 kg


    - Classic Camber: TIP ROCKER : moderate tip rocker. It makes flat pivots easy, combining soft touch and tolerance on turns. The moderate profile means that as soon as the ski is on the edge, it works on turns along the entire length of edge contact.


    - Sandwich: Sandwich construction in the middle of the ski, sidewalls centred underfoot to provide performance and precision. The CAP construction at the extremities makes the skis lighter and allows for easier pivoting.

    Core structure:

     Paulownia Wood Core: The Paulownia wood core reduces ski weight by 25%. Dynastar combines this wood with fibers developed by the race department in order to guarantee optimum skiability and performance.

    - Carbon Ply: New generation of diagonally flattened and braided carbon fibre that reinforces the existing carbon solutions to reduce the weaknesses of the material in terms of elasticity and resistance



    Choose from 44 models
    Speed Turn 2.0 Blue/White

    Speed Turn 2.0 Blue/White

    Detailed description

    Detailed description

    The Speed Turn 2.0 is a touring ski binding from Dynafit.

    This is the evolution of the legendary Speed binding, which has enabled the public to discover ski touring in recent decades. The Speed Turn 2.0 is a lightweight, versatile and affordable binding. A must to fit on almost all skis!

    Still as simple and effective as ever, the Speed Turn 2.0 is lightweight and reliable, making it possible to discover ski touring in the best conditions, while also being very well-suited to more experienced skiers as it remains high performance. It is a safe, agile and secure binding for the descent.

    For added practicality, the Speed Turn 2.0 has a rotating heel block with three climbing aids that will adapt to the different slopes you encounter.

    Technical Details

    Weight: 370 g/ binding

    DIN: adjustable from 4 to 10

    Forged aluminium 7075
    Stainless steel
    High-strengh plastic
    CrMo Steel

    No supplementary base (4 mm)
    New forged aluminum base plate
    Adjustable length: 12.5mm in each direction (25mm in total)
    Torx screw for better skiing performance
    Improvement of the drilling pattern

    Dynafit recommends mounting this binding on skis with a waist width less than 110 mm.


    Ready-to-cut skins

    This package doesn't include Ready-to-cut skins but you can add some by clicking on « yes ».
    Choose from 5 models
    Rebloch'Skin 130mm

    Rebloch'Skin 130mm

    Detailed description

    Detailed description

    The Rebloch'Skin are Snowleader climbing skins developed by the expert brand, Pomoca.

    The Yaute and Switzerland have put aside their differences over fondue, and have joint forces to create these beautiful Snowleader climbing skins! The Rebloch'Skin is the result of a collaboration with the Swiss brand Pomoca and is based on their Climb 2.0 skin, a true benchmark when it comes to ski touring skins! Thanks to their mixed mohair/synthetic composition, these skins provide an excellent combination of optimal grip, glide and durability, making them ideal for all ski tourers.

    This year, they weigh 12% less thanks to thinner Safer Skin Light membrane. This means the skins won't weigh you down, allowing you to save energy when climbing, so you can enjoy the downhill even more! In addition, these skins feature the Ever Dry 3.0 technology; a treatment that prevents the skin from becoming waterlogged. This treatment helps prevent glopping which weighs down equipment, especially when the snow is wet. This technology is a major step forward this year in terms of eco-responsibility and makes the Rebloch'Skin the first 100% fluorine-free skin. Finally a product in line with the spirit of ski touring!

    The universal attachment system means the skin can be used with any type of ski, and the rear tensioner provides a good hold, even after a very long spent touring and when the adhesive is less effective.

    Rebloch'Skin is the perfect skin - not only eco-responsible, but also outstanding in terms of glide and grip!

    Technical Details

    Choosing the size:
    - The length of the skin chosen must correspond to the size of the ski.
    - The width of the skin is 130mm, making it universal as it will fit skis with a width of up to 140mm at the tip (the overwhelming majority of skis on the market)

    Weight per skin:

    215 grams (size 110mm x 170cm)

    Mohair (hair from the Angora goat) / Nylon

    Thanks to thinner layers, POMOCA has managed to reduce the weight of its classic SAFER SKIN membrane. SAFER SKIN LIGHT (SSL) is 12% lighter, which means 150g/m² less. SSL makes the pair of skins about 60 to 75g lighter while remaining 100% waterproof.

    Good grip for climbing is very important. This is exactly why POMOCA has developed a combination of materials and weaving techniques that combine glide and durability with grip. Proper alignment and fibre attachment methods make POMOCA skins very stable in all conditions and for the entire life of the skin.

    EVER DRY 3.0
    POMOCA not only meets European legal requirements, but also strives to go above and beyond. The EVER DRY 2.0 treatment still contains PFC, which is much less harmful than PFOA, but nevertheless still contains fluoride. EVER DRY 3.0 is another important step forward with respect to the environment: it is the first skin treatment that does not contain fluoride. This treatment is applied to Climb Pro Mohair, making this the first PFC-Free skin on the market!

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