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Pack Soul 7 HD 2019

Freeride ski package - Men - Rossignol - Soul 7 HD - 2018/2019

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Soul 7 HD 2019
  • Soul 7 HD 2019
  • Soul 7 HD 2019
  • Soul 7 HD 2019
  • Soul 7 HD 2019
  • Soul 7 HD 2019
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  • Soul 7 HD 2019

    Freeride skis - Men - Rossignol

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    Reference size: 188cm Radius: 18m
    ski image




    126 106 136


    technology rocker image

    Rocker technology

    Spatula / Tail
    technology camber image





    Rocker technology


    Tip Width (mm)


    Waist Width (mm)


    Tail Width (mm)


    Reference Size (cm)


    Turn radius (m)




    actual weight of the pair ( g )





    Double Rocker / Standard Camber

    Off Piste

    All Snow Conditions


    Ski Touring


    Detailed description

    The Rossignol Soul 7 HD 2019 is a Men's All Men's Ski Packages

    Totally redesigned, from the tip to the tail, the new range reflects Rossignol's entry into a new era of innovation, marked by the emergence of AirTip 2.0 technology.

    A new tip, reinforced by a 3D structure and completely integrated in the construction of the ski, thus lighter and more powerful, to go beyond the limits of the conceivable.The Super 7 RD is the biggest model in the Rossignol freeride range. 

    Featuring the  Carbon Alloy Matrix technology, the Soul7 is made of carbon which provides boost, lightness and better transmission of energy while the basalt brings its damping and stabilizing properties. The result is an amplified ski! The Soul 7 HD is the reference model of the Rossignol freeride range. This ski remains a reference in terms of versatility as it is effective either on or off-pistes.

    The new Carbon Alloy Matrix technology completely boosts this ski by making it even more player, more responsive and more efficient. The Air Tip 2.0 tip comes back lighter and rugged by offering the Soul 7 HD a great maneuverability and the capacity to turn easily. 

    Its Powder Turn Rocker technology makes it a very easy-to-use powder ski. Finally, the Soul 7 HD is still as efficient on the slopes as it is possible to do long turns one after another or shorter turns without any problems.

    This new Soul 7 HD remains a perfect freeride ski for skiers in search of an ultra-versatile and powerful ski. Its reasonable weight can even allow a free-ride use.

    Technical Details

    Turning radius:
    - 18 m for the 188 cm size

    Standard camber

    Paulownia: Wood that is 30% lighter. These skis are light when climbing and extremely manoeuvrable on the descent.

    Rockers :
    Tip and Tail Rocker

    Weight of pair: 3800 g


    Minicap Sandwich :
    Extremely solid construction which reinforces the top of the ski for increased durability. The walls are upright for better performance in all conditions.


    Air Tip 2.0:
    Even lighter and more durable to give greater stability, playfulness and weight-bearing, our new AirTip 2.0 tip rocker is equipped with a reinforced 3D structure which is perfectly integrated, making the ski even more stable and concentrating energy and power on the centre of the ski. Containing intuitive manoeuvrability which reduces the sensation of effort, increased control and a true feeling of lightness, the new AirTip 2.0 rocker is a revolution in design. 

    Free VasPerfect link between the Paulownia core and the Air tip. V.A.S technology enables extremely good comfort when going from one type of snow to another, limiting vibrations. V.A.S technology makes the ski more controlable and easier to access. This technology makes the sensation of gliding softer and more comfortable for greater enjoyment.

    Sidewall: The Sidewall construction offers a combination of materials as well as walls present along the entire ski increasing grip, balance and power for the skier.

    Light Wood Core : 
    Our construction using extremely resistant Paulownia wood reduces the weight of the skis by 15% to give playfulness, light weight and agility. This technology is aimed at those that love touring looking for the same level of performance on the ascent as well as the descent.  

    This new fibre is beginning a new era, one of high yield materials. Both light and mechanised at the same time, Carbon Alloy Matrix technology enables ski performance to be taken up a notch in all dimensions: grip and versatility, precision and give, stability and manoevrability. Carbon Alloy Matrix technology comes from a smart combination of carbon and basalt fibre. Carbon provides a boost, light weight and energy transfer, while Basalt has stabilising and shock absorbing properties. Crank up your ski and its sensations!

    Powder Turn Rocker :
    Designed to accompany riders on their big powder sessions, the progressive profile of our rocker/camber is much more rewarding, offering a true balance between ski versatility and an effortless weight sensation. The combination of a lengthened, lighter rocker, a tapered heel and a traditional camber and waist is a winner. This makes it easier to ride the ski and to control speed and the creation of power to get you going faster towards that next line.  



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    NX 12 Dual WTR Black/White P

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    Detailed description

    The Look NX 12 Dual WTR Black/White P is a Men's All Men's Ski Packages

    The NX 12 Dual WTR Black White by Look is a binding for all types of ski which benefits from a double standard front stop. 

    Compatible with WTR "Walk To Ride" insoles and with ISO 5355 standard alpine footings, the NX 12 Dual allows quick and easy adjustment between different standards with a consistent and natural position. 

    The NX heel combined with Look's reinforced Full Action stop delivers an excellent compromise between protection, lightness and comfort.

    Technical Details

    Skier's weight (recommended):

    Mini: 45 Kg
    Maxi: 110 Kg

    Skier's level (recommended):

    Beginner to advanced

    Technical information: 

    Poids: 1015 g the 1/2 pair
    DIN: 3,5-12

    Dual WTR:
    The first binding to adapt in a simple twist to two types of shoes: alpine soles or WTR soles. WTR insoles make walking easier. They offer a better grip security and comfort.

    TÜV SÜD certifies that our products and industrial assembly means meet the requirements of international ISO standards.

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