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It's 2nd Marketdown on Winter Sale! Come discover all of our products on sale

It's 2nd Marketdown on Winter Sale! Come discover all of our products on sale

Mountain Twin 2022 Package

Snowboard Package - Men - Mountain Twin 2022 - Jones - 2021/2022

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Mountain Twin 2022
  • Mountain Twin 2022
  • Mountain Twin 2022
  • Mountain Twin 2022

    Snowboard - Men - Mountain Twin 2022- Jones - 2021/2022

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    Reference size: 157cm Radius: 7.8m
    snow image



    296 254 296


    technology rocker image

    Rocker technology

    Tail / Tip
    technology camber image







    Rocker technology


    Tip Width (mm)


    Waist Width (mm)


    Tail Width (mm)


    Reference Size (cm)




    Wide board for riders with a boot size of 45 or more and/or a wide binding baseplate.

    Turn radius (m)


    Short radius: Enables the skier to turn more easily, facilitates short turns, wedelling, slalom, moguls fields.

    Long radius: Enables the skier to make longer turns and be more stable, even at high speeds.




    Directional twin

    Twin: 100% symmetrical, agile and playful board. Suited to freestyle and piste. 

    Directional Twin: Symmetrical board but the inserts (position of the bindings) are shifted backwards. Provides better performance on hard snow and powder. Suited to All-Mountain practice.

    Directional: The front of the board is longer and/or wider (allows to stay on the surface) while the shorter and more rigid rear (gives the board a more agressive character). Suited to All-Mountain and Freeride practice.

    Asymmetrical Twin: With a different front and rear edge, this shape is suited to freestyle and carving.


    Double Rocker / Standard Camber


    All Snow Conditions

    Off Piste


    Detailed description

    Detailed description

    The Mountain Twin is a well-known board in the Jonessnowboard range. It is designed for men with a medium to an advanced level.

    The 2022 edition is equipped with the Control Core, which is more environmentally friendly as it is made entirely of sustainably produced wood and is as efficient as ever. It is made of Paulownia and Poplar stingers that keep the board light and absorb a maximum of vibrations.

    Like last year's board, the Mountain Twin 2022 is covered with a Topsheet made from recycled castor oil plastic, but also with a Biax Fiberglass layer that stiffens the board and ensures excellent energy restitution when it is put under tension.

    The directional twin shape of the Mountain Twin gives the board a good disposition for freestyle use: park, pipe... While the stiffness (7/10), classic camber, and the Traction Tech 3.0 undulating edges provide the bite and control necessary and to make sharp and precise turns.

    It features the Freeride/Freestyle Pack which allows you to configure the board for more freeride or freestyle riding depending on your mood and the snow conditions.

    The Mountain Twin is a board for intermediate to advanced riders who want a versatile board that allows them to ride any slope as if it were a huge snowpark.

    Please note: In an effort to reduce waste, Jones randomly produces the sole colours by reversing graphics and backgrounds.

    Technical Details

    - Camber: Camrock: classic camber with rocker for greater float and grip in all snow conditions. Loooong nose and tip rockers for a huge increase in playfulness and handling. The Camrock significantly improves freestyle performance and powder lift. Definitely the best camber ever produced!

    - Shape:
    Directional Twin: symmetrical shape ideal for playability and figures. Allows for easy switch riding.
    Twin Flex pattern
    Blunt Nose: a rounded nose to improve the glide and resistance the grip of the snow and therefore reduces the "snow plough" effect with the nose.
    Traction tech 3.0: The bumps on the edges offer multiple contact points along the board. This technology counteracts the negative effect of the rocker which reduces the edge/snow contact length of your board.
    Progressive Sidecut: At each end of the edges, the curve radius is increased at the contact points. This larger radius ensures a smoother ride when entering and exiting turns.

    - Flex 7/10 Stiff flex.

    - Core: FSC™ Control Core: Double density wood core with paulownia hardwood slats for added pop and strength.Counteracts the negative effect of the rocker which reduces the edge/snow contact length of your board.

    - Topsheet:
    Biax Fiberglass: a fibreglass layer applied in 2 directions and 2 thicknesses for a precise board that offers a fun and lively riding style.
    ECO-Plastic TopSheet: recycled plastic obtained from the Ricin plant. This eco-friendly material is ultra-light, scratch resistant and water resistant, designed to prevent snow from sticking to the topsheet.

    - Sole:
    Sintered 8000 base: base made from UHMW-PE (Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) and carbon. Very easy to repair and offers ultimate gliding properties.
    Flip-Flop base: manufacturing process reducing waste related to the base. Two colours available, delivered randomly.

    Oversized Recycled Edges: edges made of recycled steel.
    Recycled Rounded ABS: ABS plastic in Jones boards is made from recycled plastic.
    Wend Natural Wax: ready to use as soon as they leave the factory, Jones snowboards are already coated with Wend Natural Wax.
    Super Sap Bio Resin: all Jones boards are now on built with bio-based, renewable epoxy instead of petroleum based epoxy. The raw materials used to make Super Sap Bio-Resin are co-products or waste products of other plant-based industrial processes. Producing Super Sap requires 33% less greenhouse gas emissions than traditional epoxy.



    Choose from 69 models
    Cameltoe Binding

    Cameltoe Binding

    Choose a modele

    Bindings in stock

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    Detailed description

    Detailed description

    To complete your Camel toe, board, you ought to choose the bindings of the same name: the Camel Toe Bindings.

    Created for the same use as the board, the Camel toe is a resolutely freeride board. Its medium flex allows a few tricks, but its ability to load is undeniable. The Camel Toe is made to send strong when the conditions are there, but also carving on the piste.

    The EVA cushioning on the base ensures comfort even after a long day of riding, and the openwork straps reduce pressure points on your feet. The very precise clamping provides good foot support, which is reassuring when charging at mach2.

    Match your bindings to your board and go powder-searching with the Camel Toe.

    Technical Details

    Base -
    A solid platform strong enough to withstand anything you can throw at it, with a fun level of flex for increased board feel and tolerance.
    Pad - Choose from three different FootPad positions for a perfect fit with the sole of your shoe.
    Cushioning - Finer 3D moulded cushioning in the front and back to accelerate power transfer, and reinforced in the corners where the board is under maximum pressure.

    - Strap:
    Ankle Strap - Superior comfort and support. This ergonomically designed strap fits snugly around any boot and distributes pressure evenly when angled, eliminating foot pain.
    Toe straps - Choose from two positions on each side of the binding to customise the fit for any boot shape and size.

    - Highback:
    By removing all the material from the centre of the spoiler, we have minimised the weight and created a unique flex pattern that is responsive towards the heel side but playful in torsion.

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