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Pack Marksman 2019

Freeride/Backcountry ski package - Men - K2 - Marksman - 2018/2019

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Marksman 2019
  • Marksman 2019
  • Marksman 2019
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  • Marksman 2019

    Freeride/Backcountry skis - Men - K2 - 2018/2019
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    Reference size: 184cm Radius: 20m
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    126 106 132


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    Rocker technology

    Spatula / Tail
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    Rocker technology


    Tip Width (mm)


    Waist Width (mm)


    Tail Width (mm)


    Reference Size (cm)


    Turn radius (m)







    Double Rocker / Standard Camber



    Off Piste

    All Snow Conditions


    Ski Touring


    Detailed description

    The K2 Marksman 2019 is a Men's All Men's Ski Packages

    The K2 Marksman is a backcountry ski for men from the Factory Team range.

    Conceptualised, designed and developed through the creative skill of the famous rider Pep Fujas, the Marksman should make even more sparks fly this year! A playful backcountry ski with decent sidecuts so ensure excellent versatility across the entire mountain. 

    In terms of shape, the Marksman has an All-Terrain Rocker on the tip and tail to maximise powder flotation and improve pivot while retaining optimal stability on hardpack. Added to this is an asymmetrical design, which effectively shortens the external edge and lengthens the internal one, thus enhancing manoeuvrability and stability as required.

    In terms of construction, the ski is a perfect balance between performance and playfulness. If you want a backcountry ski that's capable of withstanding large snow drifts, jumping all over the resort and picking up the pace, then the Marksman is for you! The Double Barrel core, which is made from aspen and fir, and strengthened with longitudinal carbon fibre, offers everything you could want from this type of ski: serious freeride performance combined with stability and power. It is also very playful so you can bust out butters in all directions and really packs a punch to send you hurtling to the moon, or at least gain the respect of your ride partners. Pure backcountry style!

    Entertaining, high-performance and completely innovative, the Marksman is an offbeat model for new-school skiers who want a ski to take along for performance on any terrain.

    Please note: the colour of the bases may differ to that shown on the site as the brands randomly produce the different possible colour combinations.

    Technical Details

    Turn radius: 20 m for the 184 cm size


    Powder Rocker:
    Extended rocker on the tip and tail to maximise powder floatation.

    Asym Tip/Tail:
    An asymmetrical ski design to enhance grip and manoeuvrability.


    Double Barrel Core - Fir/Aspen:
    The outer sections of the core are made from fir to enhance the durability of the edges, while the central part of the core is made from poplar for a more lightweight design and ease of rotation. 

    TwinTech Sidewalls:
    This construction improves the lifespan of the sidewalls. The TwinTech construction tends to resolve the problem of topsheet wear and, by integrating it into the sidewall, reduces the grip angle on this sensitive area.

    Triaxial fibreglass:
    This is what makes the K2 skis so unique. Developed in 1988 by the K2 engineers, the (patented) triaxial braided fibreglass is woven around a laminated core. This enables optimal torsional strength to be obtained, while conserving a dynamic flex distribution thanks to the wood core.

    Carbon Boost Braid:
    Longitudinal carbon fibre inserted into the triaxial fibre to add pop and rebound.

    Sintered base:
    A denser ski base, which offers enhanced glide and better resistance.


    Triaxial Braided Core:
    Triaxial braiding involves feeding a prepared wood core into the Triaxial Braiding machine, which interlocks strands of fibreglass around it to enhance the ski's torsional stiffness and increase control.



    Choose from 42 models
    Squire 11 ID Black p

    Squire 11 ID Black p

    Detailed description

    The Marker Squire 11 ID Black p is a Unisex's All Men's Ski Packages

    The Squire 11 ID is a freestyle / freeride ski binding by Marker.

    This binding has been designed for all newcomers to Freeriding and light skiers. It is recommended for skiers seeking above all comfort and lightness and is very suitable for smaller people.

    A model that is very light that allows you to take jumps and make beautiful on piste curves. The Squire 11 ID is also ideal for women, Marker riders have selected them: Virginie Faivre, Julie Benard, Coline Ballet-Baz ...

    It is equipped with the Sole I.D. technology which makes it compatible with all alpine boots and hiking thanks to its height-adjustable friction plate. As with all brands' bindings, the AFD (Anti Friction Device) technology is also available to ensure reliable and accurate triggering. In addition, the front and rear jaws offer precision, lightness and maximum torsional stiffness.

    Technical Details

    Skier's weight (recommended):

    Mini : 30 kg
    Maxi : 110 kg

    Skier's Level (recommended) :

    Beginner to Advanced.

    Technical information:

    DIN / ISO : 3-11

    Size of the brakes and weight of the bindings (pair):

    - 90 mm : 1530 g
    - 110 mm : 1540 g

    Height of the binding without ski:
     22 mm  


    - Sole.ID: compatibility with all shoes of the alpine standard ISO 5355 and with hiking type ISO 9523.

    - AFD Stainless Steel: all Marker bindings are equipped with an AFD (anti friction device) fastening and guarantee a release of the highest precision, practically uninfluenced by dirt, snow or ice! An adjustment of the AFD according to the area of use ensures the perfection of its operation - whether in the context of competitions, activities for children or ski tours.

    - Triple Pivot Elite Toe: this concept of front jaw, with DIN / ISO up to Z 18, guarantees an exceptional retention force in case of freeride. The front jaw spring is placed in an oblique position, and the 5 ° inclined foot support provides energy absorption at the highest level to reduce the risk of early triggering. A large support surface optimizes the transmission of forces and allows the implementation of the highest forces. The jaws with this technology reach levels of performance never equaled, relative to their weight.

    - Heel Hollow Linkage: this heel also benefits from a completely new design, to ensure optimal support for all types of insoles for downhill skiing. Its hollow aluminum shaft reduces weight and maximizes torsional stiffness. This very robust heel structure is particularly suitable for the most difficult conditions.

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